Easy Steps for You To Learn Renaming Images and Media Files in WordPress

With WordPress being the most popular and demanding website used across the globe for its amazing features, effortless manifestation and security, it has become very important to know every little detail of it, especially for those who are using it on a regular basis for their website development. Even the most uncommon thing needs to be at knowledge as you never know when you may need it. Such a situation is to learn how to change or rename any image or media file in WordPress. You will require this if you find the name it has is not much SEO friendly, and you are not getting the desired results! 

Even if you take the help of WordPress web design services, they will be telling you that downloading various plugins might not be a wise choice at it will not rename the files and on top of that, you might end up losing the data permanently from the WordPress library. This article will help you learn the specific plugins; you can download during your WordPress template customization in which you can rename any file you want, at ease! 

Use Milan Dinic to rename files- 

You might say that this is the only right plugin which helps you rename a file in WordPress and that too, directly from the admin dashboard. It does not come with a cost. It is also very easy and comes in three significant steps-

  1. Install the plugins named Rename media files. This is your primary job. 
  2. Next, you need to visit the media library. Spot the image whose name you are willing to change. You will find an option named ‘edit’; click on it to edit that particular image. 
  3. After you have selected it, another option will pop up on the window provided by the plugin- ‘Rename’. Click on it, enter the desired name of the file in the blank box and then press the update button. Wait for the page to reload and check whether the name has been uploaded successfully.  


One of the widely used plugin to change names of WordPress images and media files is ShadowsDweller. It has an added advantage over the earlier mentioned plugin. You can rename files in bulk here instead of selecting and changing them individually. This can be done because it provides an extra field beside the media list page, which is next to the area of date. It is very helpful as you can change multiple or single files from the library according to your need, thus widely acclaimed by the WordPress web design services as well. 

You have to follow the necessary steps mentioned for the first plugin. But instead of selecting a single file to rename, you can choose all of it together by clicking on the ‘filename’ option. You can customise both the names and process as or whenever needed! 

Phoenix Media Rename Plugin- 

This media rename plugin can be easily downloaded from the internet, and you put it in your dashboard when you do the WordPress template customization. Activate the downloaded media and then proceed to enter the ‘Media’ option followed by ‘Library’. It may be so that your media library will be shown in grid view; shift to list view as you need to get hold of all the information, including the current file name. Click on the ‘edit’ option provided beside the file you want to rename. The image will open in your media edit screen, and you can just put the required changes in it. 

Next, you have to scroll down to find the ‘field’ option. Here, you have to put in the new file name. You may choose to put keywords or catchy words to describe the image- it will be suitable for your SEO results. After you are done, click on the update button, and you are good to go! 

And guess what? You never have to leave the WordPress admin area for doing it! And this plugin will help you change the name of the particular image if you have uploaded it in any other blogs or pages.

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