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Expanding Your Online Teaching Opportunities

Long gone are the days of teaching practices being predominantly classroom based. The shift towards online  distance learning has totally transformed the teaching landscape. In light of the rapid expansion of online teaching methods and the widespread ownership of compatible devices more and more opportunities are presenting themselves. Whether you are looking to supplement your income with additional hours online or to set up your own private teaching service, there are certain key factors that would help boost your chances. As with any private business, you need to ensure that your potential clients actually know about you and more importantly that you stand out. Your online presence and self promotion could very well be what makes or breaks your success. Depending on your technical ability, time and even will, you should consider if it’s best to do this yourself or to approach a professional website design company. There are merits to both and the decision will be entirely circumstantial. Either way, quality web design for your business through adverts, infographics and websites will separate you from the sea of competitors in this ever-growing field

Online Advertising

Whilst word-of-mouth and referrals can generate a certain amount of additional teaching hours, it is minimal compared to what you can achieve with a little bit of quality web design. The internet is absolutely awash with low quality marketing using sub-par graphics that look like they have been made on a cheap application in a matter of seconds. The time and effort which goes into all of your ads and the quality of promotion you put out will make a lasting difference. Prospective students, as with any customer, will often look at your advert for only a fraction of a second before they decide to read on or scroll past it. Be honest with yourself, do you have the time and skill to create these adverts and to manage them? If so fantastic, but if not it might be better to find a professional web design company. Poor quality advertising is counter productive and this may be the only online presence anybody ever notices.

Company/Personal Website

Another point to consider, especially if you are setting up a full-time business, may be creating a website or revamping your website design. As with your advertising, the image of your company will be represented through the appearance and functionality of your website alongside its value. There are few things worse at deterring customers than useless, amateurish looking websites. Again you need to consider if you are going to build and manage it yourself or not. Remember websites need a certain amount of maintenance as well as the graphic design side of things. You need the best website design possible combined with advertising/infographics etc. to expand the public awareness of your teaching services.

Personal Touches

Oftentimes the people,companies and brands that stand out online are the ones with a human touch to them. While you obviously want to maintain the relevant degree of professionalism, don’t be afraid to put an element of your personality into your online representation. In the field of teaching remember to consider how people pick where to study as students are choosing the methods and prices but also the environment and teachers themselves so make sure your advertising and website design reflects this too.

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