Fashion Mistakes

7 Terrible Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs!

Fashion trends change with time. If you go through your old photographs, you might find some of the past fashion trends as cute, but I’m sure that you will come across a few that will make you cringe. Or at least, they will make you thank the lords that your fashion sense improved over the past years.

A few years back, I had to go to this friend’s wedding in Pakistan. Out of hospitality, her family got me so many heavy Pakistani designer suits to wear, and I ended up looking like a weird Bollywood clown!

It is fine. We all make fashion mistakes at one time of our lives or another. Even famous people like celebrities, fashion stylists, and bloggers are prone to that. But we can stick to some basic rules to keep in mind while styling to avoid big fashion blunders. Have a look at a few!

Skin Revealing is Over-Rated

It is your basic right to show as much as you want, but it must be done tastefully. Showing too much of your skin can prove to be a huge turn-off, especially in a subtle setting. You can wear a short dress to date and look hot. But if you wear a full one which only reveals your back in a flattering way, you will look classier and hotter.

Wear Your Size

You can spoil the vibe of any good dress by wearing it in the wrong size. Instead of flattering your figure in a good way, an ill-fitted dress (whether too big or too small) will make you look flat. You can flatter your ego by choosing one size smaller dress for yourself, but your waist is not going to like it as it reveals the muffin top.

Evolve Your Fashion Sense

Do you cringe when you see someone still fashioning bell-bottom denim in public? Yes, this happens when people forget to evolve their fashion sense with time and look like a misplaced time traveler when out. Even if you prefer a certain way of styling, make sure to modern it up a bit by making some basic wardrobe changes.

Don’t Try Too Hard

You should not fall behind when it comes to following all the latest fashion trends. At the same time, you should not run too fast, fall, and hurt yourself either. You can ruin your look by tossing in all the fashion trends you saw in the latest fashion show. Don’t go all blingy and revealing at the same time. Choose your layers carefully. Remember, balance is the key.

Wear the Right Undergarments

Your undergarments make a huge difference. Avoid visible panty lines, especially when you are going to wear a sheer dress. It looks appalling.

Also, make sure to have a reasonable collection containing a strapless bra, pasties, a nice pushup bra, and a handy sports bra. Sometimes, you can elevate the way a dress looks just by wearing the right kind of bra! Remember Kate Hudson in the famous yellow dress in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Keep that in mind whenever you feel like having a ‘bra-inspiration’ in your life.

Avoid Over Dressing

You should be well aware of the occasion and environment of a place before you decide what to wear. Being under or overdressed can spoil the whole mood of the event for you. If the dress code for the event is not mentioned, make sure to inquire about it, and plan accordingly.

But if you ever have doubts, slightly overdress in layers. If you feel the environment is not suitable, you can always remove the top layer to blend in.

Stop Instagram Shopping

I have come across so many millennials who prefer shopping according to the latest dressing trends on Instagram. They are so focused on what is trending there, that they ignore the fact that what is trending might not complement their personality or body type. They end up looking like cheap celebrity look-alikes, or worse, wannabees. It is important to develop a personal sense of style.

Dress According to Your Body Type

We all want to wear fancy stuff we see glittering on the stars’ bodies, but it is important to look good too. When you choose a piece of clothing, be very careful with the cuts. Select the one that complements your body type.

By avoiding these basic mistakes, you can stay in the safe zone of fashion styling. As a friend of mine was searching online for Pakistani wedding dresses, she came across a nice one in maroon color. But she knew that maroon won’t go well with her complexion. So, she skipped it. Making such choices is difficult, but it is easier than looking like a terrible fashion disaster.

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