What Are the Amazing Features of Procreate Application

With the advancement in technology, various changes have been observed in the graphic design process. Modern artists are adopting the iPad Procreate because it offers amazing features that are highly beneficial to artists and calligraphy lovers. The iPad Procreate provides a high level of comfort and a huge amount of flexibility. What are the amazing benefits of iPad Procreate that are attracting the artists?

Why do Artists love to Procreate?

The iPad Procreate can be described as a digital sketchbook where artists cab shows their skills in an efficient way. The professional artists can use the iPad Procreate and show the top-notch output to their audience. Most artists find it very difficult to sit in front of their laptop to design a piece of artwork. By using the iPad Procreate, the artist is free to sit anywhere and start designing on their iPad. In simple terms, you can take the iPad anywhere like your park, coffee shop, or anywhere else where you can enjoy the atmosphere and start the designing process.

Artists should have a comfortable and cozy ambiance so that they can do brainstorming and think creative ideas for designing. Working on Procreate is just like designing with your pencil. In iPad Procreate, you can enjoy the comfort of drawing with your hands and procreate calligraphy brushes. Also, you can leverage the digital advantages of the app such as undo, redo, etc. The people who want to learn calligraphy should use the iPad Procreate app and Procreate brushes.

Procreate Application Features

The Procreate app has a user-friendly UI just like other illustration software. If you are using this application for the first time, then you can go through the various tutorials available online. Now, let’s talk about the amazing features of the Procreate application.

Have a look:

1. Drawing Guide

The Procreate app offers the 2D, Isometric, symmetric, and perspective planes for designing. Also, it is possible to change the size of the grid as per your needs and requirements. It is recommended that you should select the drawing assists in the layers so that you can paint strokes according to the guideline. With the help of the Procreate app and Procreate brush you can make the isometric illustration and calligraphy strokes easily. If you want to learn calligraphy, then use the free procreate calligraphy brushes on the iPad.

2. Clipping Mask and Alpha Lock

These features are recently introduced in the Procreate 4.2 app. These features are really amazing and most artists love this recent update. These features let you clip various layers to the content of a single layer. The new update in the procreate app allows the alterations in the design without destruction in overall visual appeal. The Alpha lock feature is a transparency lock. If you turn on this feature, then you can easily turn them on in layers. Any action you do after turning on the Alpha lock will affect only those pixels that were already there.

3. Recolor Feature

Most artists use this feature more than other features in the app. Colors play a vital role in the designing process. Therefore, the color you choose should be perfect. If the colors you have chosen initially do not go well with the design, the Recolor feature lets you change the color of your design instantly. With the help of this feature, you can do an experiment with different colors. You should pick the color that you want to replace in the specific layer and start doing an experiment with the masterpiece.

4. Wide Range Of Brush Set

You need special Procreate brushes for the designing process in the Procreate app. The special Procreate brushes are also required by calligraphy learners. The Procreate brushes are available in the wide range  such as calligraphy brushes for procreate and they are quite helpful to the artists and calligraphy learners.

5. QuickShape

The update in the Procreate App 4.2 is all about making different shapes and figures. After using the Quickshape feature most artists feel happy because they can create difficult designs and strokes with ease. Most designers felt that the Quickshape feature is one of the best updates in this app. This update has helped the designers to create realistic designs. The designers can create the perfect designing output without much hassle.

6. Tips and Shortcuts

The Procreate app also incorporates the tips and shortcuts that will help the designer to create the perfect design. These guidelines will help the new uses to easily use this app and create an outstanding masterpiece. If you want to use the app for calligraphy, then purchase the illustrator texture brushes.

7. Streamline for Brushes

The streamline for brushes helps the calligraphy artists to draw clean and smooth strokes. By increasing the streamline percentage in brush edits, you can enhance the experience of designing and calligraphy in the Procreate app. The ipad calligraphy is the best way to learn the lettering or calligraphy process.

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