Find The Best Online Teacher To Learn The Quran With Translation

The sacred book of the Quran is an open-source of guidance and salvation for Ummah. Our creator Allah communicates with His creation through the message interpreted in the Quran. Allah has imposed certain barriers and restrictions to protect us from sins and to spend a pure life. Likewise, He has also set rights and obligations on Ummah to create harmony among individuals. We read the Quran but do not understand the teachings of Islam. It is very important to learn the Quran with translation because you will find the true spirit of Islam.

One day I was reciting Surah Al-Rahman, I came across this verse:

‘’All that is on earth will expire: But will stand (forever) the Face of thy Lord, which is full of Dignity, Plenty and Righteousness.’’ (Verse: 26-27)

It struck in my mind and I kept on thinking about this verse for many days. I realized that we are spending meaningless lives like a flower without scent. I promised myself to start reciting the Quran with translation but I failed because it was very complex. I contacted an online Quran academy in the USA to provide me an authentic and experienced Quran teacher.

Learn translation in your native language:

Although the Quran has been translated into many languages but I decided to learn the translation in the Urdu language. The teacher was certified from the world’s best Islamic education institute in Egypt ‘’Al-Azhar University’’. The Quran teacher started with teaching me grammar and rules of the Arabic language. He explained the meaning of each word and every verse.


Free to the select schedule of the online classes:

The online Quran translation in the USA is convenient for everyone because you are free to select the timetable of classes according to your choice. I am running a grocery store in New York. I decided to select 7 in the evening for translation classes.

Explains every single detail of the words and verses:

There are many closely interrelated words and phrases in the classical Arabic language. Although they sound the same yet they have strikingly different meanings. It creates misunderstanding to interpret the right meaning of a word. I could only perceive the superficial meaning of a word but the dedicated Quran teacher was an expert to target the far or hidden meaning associated with that word.

Effective pedagogy:

The technique and dynamic teaching methodology of the experienced teachers enabled me to identify the semantic meaning of the verses or words in the Quran. The teacher referred me to authentic books of the Arabic language, Hadith, and Tafseer to strengthen my basis. The online Quran translation in the USA has made me a veteran of the Arabic language. Alhumdulillah! I can read and interpret the exact meaning of the Quran and Hadith.

Makes you a true Muslim:

I have started implementing the commandments of Allah in my life. The online Quran academy in the USA offers the best courses to read the Quran with punctuation and understand it. After learning the translation of the Quran, my status in life has been increased.


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