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For Home Security, how to Hide a Trail Camera?

Having a security system is vital to ensuring the security of your home. However, sometimes it may seem counterintuitive when the cameras stick out like sore fingers on your property. An attacker can enter the property, close the camera, and then continue the crime without even showing his face.

This is what makes camera placement so important. Even better, if you use trail cameras, you don’t have to worry about hiding bright cameras with red lights that are almost impossible to hide in your property. Trail cameras are ideal for discreetly monitoring your property.

Placing the Trail Camera 

Trail cameras or game cameras are ideal for capturing images at angles. Because they are designed for outdoor use, they are waterproof, durable and can take videos and photos both at night and during the day. This means that you can place a camera footprint in different places to catch a thief.

Keep in mind, however, that no matter how good the quality of the camera is, you should still be strategic when placing them. To get started, here are a few things you should keep in mind how to hide a camera footprint for home security:

  •       Most thieves start with a garage at home, as it provides easy access to the rest of the house, and often stores valuable items for future use.
  •       Some properties may not have the best cam position. Suburbs and housing estates can complicate the placement of a “vile” camera trail. In this case, you can refuse the camera doorbell and motion detectors.
  •       The best-hidden security camera is one that can still do its job. When placing the game camera, place it in a place where it does not need to be cleaned every day. The groove of the tree is a logical hidden place, but you have to remove the leaves from the camera every day, otherwise, you will get an expensive video with leaves.
  •       Keep track of the amount of sunlight that the camera raises. If you place the camera in direct sunlight, you can get blurry video. Always place the camera in a place where it will obscure throughout the day.

Given the distance

Distance is a key factor in locating a cam track. Since the cameras are wireless, you can install them almost anywhere. However, you should be aware of when installing away from home. You want to place the camera close enough to see the intruder’s face, but far enough so that the camera cannot be seen if the intruder is looking for the camera. Most game cameras have a detection range of 40 feet (although some may shoot further). Test it with the camera before completing the placement.

Placement strategy

When placing multiple cameras, some key indicators must be considered. First, you need to measure how much property you have and how much you want to cover. If you have less than 1 acre of land, your options are narrowing. You will need a hidden CCTV camera with a view of the back yard, a camera with a view of the house, and another one – at an angle to the house and driveway. By placing them in this way, you maximize the number of areas with the least number of trail cameras. You will have all the property.

If you own more than 1 acre, you have more work. You can start by determining how much of your property you want to observe. If you have a large backyard, you need to place the trail camera in a hidden place to catch movement in the back and the other in the front yard. Remember the distance between the cameras, as you do not want the cameras to overlap much. Instead, maximize the potential of the cameras by placing them in places that will cover traditional blind spots.

Finding the Best Hidden Locations 

At first, some of the best-hidden spots for cameras may seem strange, but it will help you catch potential thieves. Here are some of the best-hidden spots for your cameras:

  • Put the camera on the house itself. The traditional place for a hidden security camera is inside the garage.
  •  Find a low bush near the house, but far enough so that you have enough depth to see the house. Then hide the camera inside the bush (just make sure the bush is cropped).
  • Trees are always a great place for hidden cameras. You can attach the camera to a tree or attach it to the trunk for a secure hold.
  •  If you live near a lamppost, you can use a lamppost for a perfect shelter in a visible place. Despite your property, a light pole will give you an overview of your entire property, as well as the yards of neighboring houses.
  • You can also use outdoor lighting for perfect shelter. The lights will naturally align the carriageway and look towards the house, which is the ideal shelter for the camera.


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