Hair Transplantation & COVID-19: Safety Practices, Tips & Effectiveness

The whole world is facing a huge crisis and all of us are fighting for life against corona virus. Not even a single place in this world is spared from this pandemic which has brought the earth on hold. The whole world is facing lockdown situation which is becoming lenient nowadays but this doesn’t mean we become lenient as our safety accounts the safety of the whole world.

Hair transplant is one of the most opted hair loss solutions these days as the procedure has become highly advanced and successful. The hair transplant procedures are performed by harvesting hair follicles from the donor area followed by their transplantation at the recipient bald site.

Though these are the cosmetic procedures these services were closed during the lockdown but as per the government guidelines we are re opening our services slowly. Our online appointments are available and the slots are filling completely. For in office appointment you need to have prior bookings with us as we have only limited slots for in office appointment.

Hair transplant clinics in India is mushrooming in every nook and corner which comprises both authorized ones and the unethical ones. With the increase in unethical practise in India the reliability of the procedure has gone down as the numbers of the patients with botched outcomes are increasing at faster pace. Though the hair transplant cost in India is highly affordable but these cheaper clinics provide the hair transplant at much cheaper cost which could only become profitable when the procedure is performed in compromised circumstances.

In the present time when there is huge crisis of covid 19 these cheaper clinics are reprimanded as they could be home of spread of corona virus. It is best to visit only those clinics presently that you can trust that they would be taking necessary measures for providing corona free environment.

Medispa hair transplant clinic has always been appreciated for their extra efforts to provide the best facilities and hygienic environment for the complication free hair transplant. But now we are extremely cautious and taking every possible measure for your safety and our safety as there is no room for negligence. There is no cure developed for covid 19 for now and we can get rid of it only by protecting ourselves to save others too.

Dr Suneet Soni has specifically trained each of their staff for maintain every norms essential to provide covid free environment. Thus you can rely on our services and get the best experience of hair transplant with us.

What all safety practices Medispa hair transplant clinic is taking?

  1. Pre testing of every patient:

We make sure that our patients are tested prior for the covid diagnosis before initiating any process to undergo hair transplant which is in good faith to prevent spread of corona virus. Patients should have patience as the test results would take approximately 5 – 10 hours. Followed by the patient tested negative we initiate our services for hair transplant and ensure you to have the best experience of hair transplant with us.

  1. We do not treat the patients with flu symptoms until the patient is tested negative: As per the government guidelines we are bound to report patients with flu symptoms and advice them to go under self quarantine and covid testing.
  2. Proper sanitization: We maintain sanitization to our core as every nook and corner of the clinic and staff has been taken care of. Regular fumigation, disinfection of all the surfaces and sterilization of all essential items is our regular schedule. Our operatory is completely sanitized after every patient.
  3. Social distancing: We follow strict social distancing which is reiterated by the government as a crucial guideline. We are entertaining the visit for patient for consult only after prior booking to avoid the crowd at the clinic which could violate social distancing. Online consult and virtual consult is available at our website.
  4. PPE kits: Our each staff is wearing PPE kit for their and your safety against corona virus. Wearing mask at our centre by each staff is mandatory which they need to wear strictly with no fail. Every staff and patients are sanitized thoroughly and temperature is checked at every visit to ensure their safety.
  5. Stay at our centre: We have stepped ahead for our patient’s safety and are providing stay for each of our patient who is visiting to us with all the essential amenities to minimize their movement outside where they can be unsafe.

Tips for your safety

We are taking every possible measure for your safety but you need to follow some protocols too for your own and others safety as spreading corona is like chain if you are safe you are keeping other safe too. Here are enlisted few of the important tips by which you can maintain your own safety which include:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly once you touch any surface outside
  2. Use sanitized frequently after touching anything like cash, credit card, any metal surface, buttons and lifts.
  3. Avoid touching the buttons, switches, lift doors and handles with hands instead use elbows or knuckles.
  4. Don’t touch your face, eyes and nose with hands at all when you are outside
  5. Don’t go out without wearing face mask and never remove your mask while talking to anyone.



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