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How to Choose the Best Quality TV

Choosing a television is a complicated task; sometimes it is possible that you are facing any issue with your TV and you need to repair your TV with the help of a mechanic or you can check Repairshopdubai for TV repairing and other than this it might be possible that you want a new TV, in this article, you will find the best way to choose a television according to quality/price.

We are going to make the complicated task for many simply simple, with a guide to all the requirements that you must know when buying a new television, from the LED or OLED, through 4K and Smart TVs.

Six things every TV buyer should know

These six things are very important and must be taken into account when choosing our television:

  • The 4K and HDR: these are the most important factors for the image quality of our TV.
  • Bigger is better: the bigger, the more 4K is enjoyed.
  • Best HDMI Cable – Find the best HDMI cable for your TV, one that supports 4K and makes everything look glorious.
  • Sound: Look at the sound quality of your TV.
  • Reliable brands: it is always better to go for well-known brands such as LG, Sony or Samsung. Better not to invest in new brands on this topic.
  • Buy from trusted stores – Appliances and televisions must be purchased from stores with manufacturer warranty, service and support. Don’t let them rip you off.

Price range and size of the TV

It is always important to have a fixed price range to be able to search for the television according to your pocket, although it is always clear that the more you spend the better the characteristics will be. It is always important to keep in mind that 4K, smart TVs and TVs over 42 inches tend to be much higher priced.

The sizes of the most recommended televisions go from 32 to 100 inches, especially if said television will end up in a living room and not in a room. If you want a 4K television just keep in mind that the bigger the better.

Although you shouldn’t go to the bigger ones either, a 65-inch television has twice as much space as a 42- inch television, always keep that trick in mind. Never buy curved televisions.


OLED is vastly more expensive than LED, but OLED is far better imaging technology than LED. Although we must bear in mind that a good 4K LED TV can provide us with an equally spectacular viewing experience for a lower price.


As for the image, LED televisions are usually backlit; this means that light shines through a pane of glass to create the image. OLED televisions are not backlit.

Brightness and Contrast

LED televisions are usually especially good in well-lit spaces. The OLED is generally better in dimmer rooms. The contrast goes through the same thing, LED televisions cannot completely darken, making leftovers suffer, and OLEDs can go completely black.

What are HDR and resolution?

HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range “which will improve the quality of our television, although it will also increase its price considerably. The color of our television will be much more faithful to what it was in reality, without HDR our television cannot reproduce according to what colors.

If we are those who enjoy good cinema or good series, it is very important to have HDR since many streaming services and many devices offer content in 4K and HDR.

The resolution usually has a lot to do with the number of pixels on the screen, for example with 4K they are 6 million pixels more than with normal HD. The resolution is usually divided into:

  • 720P: 1 million pixels.
  • 1080P: 2 million pixels.
  • 4K: 8 million pixels.

Finally, we would enter the eternal war of Smart TV or normal TV, and the answer is simply clear if you are a person who does not usually use the internet a lot, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and you are more of the typical channels stay with normal TV.

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