Highly Advanced Big Data Training Projects for 2021-22

Another year has passed, and the timeline would show that Big Data Training models and projects are not only popular but also relevant to today’s industrial demands.

If you are a beginner or an expert, in this article, I have pointed out for you the highly advanced Big Data Training Projects that would rule the industry for the next 2 years.


The most advanced Big Data applications would invariable have the Automated Machine Learning (Auto ML) components in them. With the ongoing innovations and developments in the fields of Unsupervised Machine Learning, Data Scientists and Business Analysts would benefit equally from earning a certification in Big Data training course.


Firstly, the Big Data projects currently need highly advanced ML tools to analyze and make sense of the large and complex business datasets (“Big Data“). The ML algorithms can be used to automate the analytics process. Secondly, these analytics can be further used to apply and build a supportive system to manage highly advanced Big Data sources in a business context.


Every gadget that we interact with today is an IoT-based appliance. A vast network of IOT sensors, AI components and Big Data an analytics tools help in making IoT devices more effective in their current context of applications in domestic and industrial space.

Engineers with relevant experience in Big Data Training help to create a productive managerial and technical infrastructure that inform the product teams in these areas of application:

  • Location Data Intelligence
  • Smart City Management
  • Logistics and Travel management
  • Mobility and Fleet management
  • Drones and Automated in-vehicle management systems
  • 5G / Blockchain

Fintech and Crypto

Fintech / financial technologies are among the fastest growing and most readily available Big Data solutions that you would ever come across. Despite the visible economic slowdown and recession in the job market, companies are hiring for top talents in the fintech field. Reason: these executives bring tons of data experience and highly advanced understanding of the information security models that the fintech platforms currently need. From new banking experience SaaS tools, to wallet management and cross-border payment solutions — the role of Big Data analysts and data science engineers in the fintech world is not limited to merely create user-friendly applications and solutions.

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Big Data in fintech also enable decision makers to secure their data management, privacy control and herald a stream of advanced futuristic changes to safeguard against extremist activities, such as ransomware.

That’s why Big Data and Crypto solutions go hand in hand in the modern world of hyper personalization, financial security and information control.


Every company is driven by data. They need talented Big Data professionals to outperform their competitors with better data management and solution enablement techniques with ‘fastest to market’ strategies.

You can benefit from the rise of Cloud analytics, Information Security, Robotics, and AI ML applications. Your certification would help Big Data infrastructure and the management systems that control them.

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