How a Liver Transplant Can Help To Live Happily

Liver transplant isn’t a very difficult process but you need to weight in the pros and cons of the same before going under the knife. While this is a highly invasive process, it also comes with the guarantee of a better life. In most cases, it usually takes around 6 hours for a liver transplant process to conclude. Moreover, there isn’t a lot to worry about regarding the surgical process as a liver transplant is just like any other surgical process, requiring the basic levels of anaesthesia.

The Initial Recovery Process

While the initial recovery process might take some time, a well-concluded liver transplant doesn’t come with causes for concern. Therefore, if you are undergoing a liver transplant in Delhi or anywhere in India, a two day ICU stay is considered as normal. Moreover, if you are the patient, it might take at least three months to feel great, all over again.

Quality of Life

The best thing about a liver transplant is that the process would actually make you feel better in the long run by improving the quality of life. Most patients get to experience a better lifestyle as the new liver or even a small portion of the same can do wonders to the general health. Moreover, patients are also known to have excelled in several sports after undergoing a successful liver transplant.

If figures and statistics are to be believed, almost 89 percent of liver transplant cases are successfully concluded. With a decent survival rate of almost 75 percent, liver transplant, without a doubt is a very safe form of surgery.

That said, liver transplant is usually preferred in patients with chronic liver-centric ailments. Moreover, if liver failure is even a distant possibility, you need to consider liver transplant, going into the future. Another important aspect that might lead to liver transplant in Delhi or any other part of the country in that regard is Cirrhosis. Therefore, once the liver is transplanted, the general quality of life improves as the person needs to get rid of alcohol abuse and other forms of erratic lifestyle.

How to Live Happily after a Transplant?

Once the process is over, the doctor recommends certain healthy lifestyle tips which can naturally be followed by the concerned patient. Moreover, once the patient has a healthy liver, he or she starts valuing the same and let’s go of smoking and regular alcohol consumption. Besides that, in most cases the patient undergoes regular screenings which plays a major role in addressing issues related to high cholesterol and obesity.


Live transplant in Delhi is quite common as there are individuals in the city with chronic liver-specific ailments. That said, this form of surgery is still considered dangerous in certain parts of the country when it can easily improve the quality of a person’s life, if administered by expert physicians. Liver transplant, in the long run, plays a major role in improving the life of a patient while allowing him or her to stay happy, throughout.

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