How to Find the Cheapest Flight Tickets on the Internet

Traveling to new and unexplored destinations has been the trend among tourists over the last decade. They no longer fear to tread on unraveled paths and traveling to new countries. With tight schedules out of office leaves and to make the most out of their vacation, individuals prefer air travel all the more, with exciting offers and deals to save up on their money and time. Popular websites of travel agents, exclusive flight coupons on the airline websites along with instant cashback on international and domestic flight bookings as specific bank offers – it is no longer difficult to bag the best jaw-dropping flight deals.

Make an expanded list of travel websites – namely MMT, Cleartrip, Yatra, EaseMyTrip, etc., – and check their offers section to find the best feasible option that can suit your needs. Cashback offers likewise the MakeMyTrip flight coupon codes cater to the majority of your requirements offering you to book flight tickets for your desired route and airport with savings upto Rs. 1000 on roundtrip bookings.

  • Resort to Incognito/Private Mode on your Browser

The Cookie Policy that gets saved in your browser once you keep hunting for the best flight ticket across different websites over and over again; actually shoots up the prices of the flight tickets that you are intending to book. These displayed fares from numerous travel booking sites come down drastically once you flush your cookie-data and switch to an incognito mode.

  • Be Flexible with your Dates

Even though you have your days taken off from work to be fixed, try and adjust the travel day by a day or two – given that you find a drastically cheaper day to fly. Also, browse properly throughout the day to locate the cheapest ticket for the day, even if it is at an odd hour; you would be flying after all.

  • Try to book with LCCs

Low-Cost Carriers and Airlines often turn out to be a boon rather than being a headache. With their strive to establish their authority in this already booming industry, they come up with top-notch customer assistance, best-in-class in-flight management, punctual flights, and of course utter cheap flight tickets.

  • Airline Flash Sales could be your best Bargain

Certain airlines likewise Air India, Vistara, Indigo, etc., come up with hourly flash sales to counter their ongoing vacant flights for specific routes. If the destination matches and you are good with the dates, you won’t find a better match between you and your flight ticket to be made even at heaven!

Subsequently, also do subscribe to fare alerts when you plan up your trips along with the fare dates in mind 3-4 months prior.

  • Follow Social Media Handles of Popular Airlines

With the world going social, how can airlines and flight deals be far behind? Subscribe to the handles across different platforms namely Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for your favorite airline; to suddenly discover exciting cashback offers and huge discounts for its loyal and existing users.

  • Different Search Engines do Matter

Even though the process might sound tedious, flight tickets for the same airline for the same date can be cheaper on a particular website as compared to another. So it is recommended for you to go through different search engines and flight booking sites before you shortlist and decide upon the desired flight to board.

  • Book Tickets with Multiple Airlines if the Need be

The myth of round trip tickets with the same airline is always cheaper have come to the forefront. Opt for one-way tickets and that too with different airlines to save up on the overall flight fare. Compare thoroughly across multiple airline sites and choose to pay with your credit cards, be it an HDFC bank credit card or with CITI; and a good amount of cashback will be credited to your account. Use that wallet cashback in the future for your next flights and hotel bookings to bring the booking amount further down.

  • AVOID weekends to book your Flights

Flight fares tend to shoot up on Fridays and Saturdays whilst relatively diving down again by the latter half of Mondays to early parts of Tuesdays. Try and book your tickets between the period of Wednesday to Thursday to strike the best deal along the entire week.

Be mindful of these pointers and book early to save up on your vacations. Make sure to utilize offers like MakeMyTrip coupon codes and multiple offers from various airlines to enjoy cashback and rebates even on your minimum transaction of single flight tickets. Resort to stay at BNBs instead of luxury hotels and invest more research and capital on exploring the destination and having a marvelous experience.

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