How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Than They Really Are

In many cultures, having large eyes is considered an attractive trait. This beauty standard is heavily influenced by Western ideals, as well as the usual portrayal of humans in comics and cartoons (large and emotive eyes). While the size of your eyes doesn’t determine your beauty, it can be fun to change up your look without actually going under the knife for it.

Since our eyes take up the biggest part of our face, it can significantly change the way we look. So if you want to know how to have larger eyes, here are some simple methods that you can try:

Wear Large Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are used for both corrective and cosmetic purposes. If you don’t require prescription lenses, you can get regular contacts that you can use to change the appearance of your eyes.

Circle lenses or doll eyes are popular options for people who want to increase the size of their pupils. Even if the size of your eye didn’t actually grow, the lenses could instantly give the illusion of bigger eyes.

Take Care of Eyebags

In a perfect world, every one of us is getting enough sleep each night. Unfortunately, getting 8-10 hours is not feasible for most of us. If you find yourself having smaller-looking eyes because of your eyebags every morning, incorporate a de-puffing method in your morning routine.

To reduce the puffiness of your eye bags, you can try putting your face in a bowl of ice-cold water, or rubbing your eyebags with an ice cube. You can also try rolling a caffeine-based eye-roller underneath your eyes to increase the circulation in the area and reduce the swelling.

Brighten Dark Circles

Dark circles can make you look tired, and no one wants to look exhausted in an 8 AM meeting. Moreover, they can also make your eyes look smaller in contrast.

To prevent dark circles from ruining your look, take some concealer and apply it in a downward V shape from underneath your eye down to the bottom half of your cheek. This will help brighten up your whole face more compared to when you apply your concealer in a ring under your eye only.

Pay Attention to Lashes

If you can afford to maintain it, getting lash extensions is an easy and excellent way to make your eyes look bigger. But if they’re too expensive or too tedious to take care of, you can try wearing false eyelashes or curling your real eyelashes upwards. Don’t forget to apply mascara, too! Volumizing and lengthening mascaras should always be a part of your makeup routine.

Brighten Your Waterline

t know what a waterline is, it’s the inside of your lower eyelids. Brightening up your waterline will help give the illusion of having wider eyes. To apply this trick, use an eye pencil with a neutral shade, preferably one that’s a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Highlight The Inner Corners

Using a highlighter pencil or a bright eyeliner, highlight the inner corner of your eyes to make them look wider.

Give Your Eyes Some Wings

It takes some time and effort to master the art of applying winged eyeliner, but it’s definitely a sacrifice that you’d want to make. Winged eyeliner can make small eyes appear almost twice as large, thanks to the line tapering outwards into a ‘wing’.


Making your eyes look bigger is relatively easy, and you don’t even have to get surgery to achieve your desired look. With these tips in mind, you can make your eyes look larger than they really are, which is a great way to accentuate the color of your eyes and the rest of your facial features.

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