How to Make Your RV More Secure with RV Door Locks

Security matters, more than ever, when you’re on the road. If you’re driving around in your RV, you wouldn’t want just about anybody to have access to your camper. But keys to old campers can open up new ones. That’s because manufacturers make rigs that come with identical lock designs as well as cabinet keys. So, someone who has a key to and trailer can easily get inside your motorhome. That puts you and yours at risk. One way to improve the security of your camper is to upgrade the lock on the door. Here’s how to make that happen with RV door locks.

Check Out Your Options

Look for manufacturers in the field of RV locks. Which ones offer options that are a good match for your camper? Which options are popular? Consider those choices as a guide. Make up a list of the locks that fit the bill. Once you have enough, you can start winnowing down your list.

Factor in the Size

What’s the right size for your RV? That’s another consideration you’ll need to factor into your buying decision. Don’t just pick an RV lock, put it on your Buy Now cart, and hope for the best. Always check the dimensions first. If the lock is too large, that could call attention to itself. That’s not what you want.

Know How It Works

Study how the lock works. Is it a good choice for you? Some locks need you to enter a secrete code. Will you and the people you’re traveling within your motorhome have no trouble with that secret code? Is it convenient? Or would you rather go for a remote control key fob? If you’re the old-fashioned type, though, a key to manually lock and unlock your door might be a much better match for you. However, there are locking mechanisms that allow you to use three different entry options. That’s an excellent option, as members of your camping group can take their pick.

Go Over the Installation

Ease of installation is also a factor. Is it easy enough to pull off on your own? What tools will you need? If you don’t have some of those tools handy, you can borrow or buy. There are also plenty of resources online to help you get through the installation in one piece.

Think About the Benefits

When you look for an RV lock, consider the benefits of that option to you. For instance, if you go with a secret code, you can leave your RV empty-handed. You won’t need to worry about carrying or losing a key. If you’re coming in from the outside and your arms are loaded up with supplies and groceries, then a remote control key fob is going to feel like a godsend. Also, the lock will help deter petty thieves. These are just some of the benefits you can look forward to when you look for a better lock for your RV than the standard option it comes with.


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