How to Manage Erectile Dysfunction Along With Your Sex Life


One of the things that can put a strain on any relationship is erectile dysfunction which is also known as impotency. It is the inability to get and maintain an erection of the penis that is firm enough for sex. It is a condition whose symptoms are noticeable even without a diagnosis. These symptoms include: having a reduced interest in sex, being unable to get and maintain a strong erection, ejaculating to early, not being able to ejaculate even when there has been enough stimulation among many others and what they all do is to affect your sex life. The popular idea is that erectile dysfunction is the end of your sex life but this is not true, it is just the end of an aspect of your sex life which is penetrative sex. Penetrative sex is just one of the numerous methods of having sexual relations that involves the use of an erection. Without it, you can still enjoy sex and what more? The constant body contact can help in reducing your erectile dysfunction symptoms and before you know it, you are already back to your old self. Below is a list of how you can manage erectile dysfunction with your sex life.

Re-Evaluate Your Mindset

There are many ways to achieve orgasm than through a raging hard erection. According to Susan Donaldson James in an article titled published on ABC News, it was stated that more than half of the total percentage of women don’t orgasm from penetrative sex that involves the penis.This means that while women may enjoy having penetrative sex, it does not rank in one of the top three ways in which women attain orgasm. Changing your mindset in this aspect might make you realize that there are other ways in which you can please your partner and actually do it. Depending on your actions, your ED might turn out to be a way to revamp your sexual life even if it is a permanent thing. Furthermore, being sexually active can help with your erectile dysfunction by redirecting blood flow into the penis.

Talk to Your Partner about It

Many people tend to avoid talking about erectile dysfunction once it happens with the hopes that it will probably go away. This might be true, if it is simply a temporary case of not having an erection and not a serious sexual dysfunction like ED. The truth is, there are many reasons why a person may develop a case of erectile dysfunction. It may be as a result of depression, stress or lack of confidence in oneself all of which can be solved by talking about it and getting help. Remember, over 70 million American men have erectile dysfunction, and they cannot all be cured by simply avoiding the issue. Having an understanding person next to you during this time might be one of the reasons for your quick recovery.

Try Alternative Sex

Simply because you can’t get an erection doesn’t mean that you can’t feel the sensual emotions that accompany sex. What this means is that your erectile dysfunction will not stop you from feeling the warm fuzzy feeling that accompanies sexual intercourse and a blow job or a hand job might be just the stimulation you need. Furthermore, many men with erectile dysfunction complain that they are able to get erections during solo sex but unable to when they are with someone else. The problem may be because there is not much stimulation or the novelty of sexual intercourse so try as many forms of sex as possible. Chances are, you will not be the only one who will enjoy it, your partner will enjoy it too and this may improve your confidence in this aspect.

Take Care of Yourself

All of the causes of erectile dysfunction are usually manifestations of one or more health problems. If you were originally 100%, there is no way you would have gotten erectile dysfunction unless it hereditary. What this means is that by losing all the bad lifestyle habits that you have like eating junk foods, smoking too much, and drinking, you may be able to improve your erectile dysfunction. Also, you should talk to a doctor and take your drugs as you are supposed to. If you have diabetes, you should not eat foods that your doctor tells you not to eat and you should pay better attention to your health and the things you do.

Use a Cock Ring

One of the ways you can enjoy sex more even if you have erectile dysfunction is to make use of a cock ring. These are devices that will refrain you from losing an erection once you have it. They do this by trapping the blood flow within the erection so that it does not go flaccid midway. These cock rings come in different sizes, designs and with different perks. It can also help heighten sensations during sexual intercourse as many men have pointed out that with cock rings, they are able to feel more sensation than ever before while others claim that their best orgasms ever occur when they take off the cock ring right before they ejaculate. The cock ring is also one of the few natural ways to aid your erectile dysfunction without the need to pump chemicals through your system and it can be as stimulating for your partner as it is for you.

Re-Discover Your Partner

Sex sometimes may cloud the way you see and relate with your partner. You can take this chance to rejuvenate your relationship life by rediscovering your partner, their likes, dislikes and changes that have occurred over the years. You can relive old days when you just met and further strengthen your connection with each other.


Remember, penetrative sex is not the beginning and the end of enjoying yourself as a man in terms of sex and erectile dysfunction should not be the end of your sex life. You can frequently utilize erectile dysfunction pills which are available in the market and iot will definitely provide you a lot more benefits respectively.

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