How to prepare for the JEE mains exam?

The JEE mains syllabus 2020 should be thoroughly understood by all the candidates so that they can prepare everything very easily and efficiently. Having a clear-cut study plan is considered to be the key to success in any kind of examination especially in the JEE mains exam. Revision is the only thing which the people can focus on and it should always be based upon formulation of a good quality study plan which will help in incorporating the pattern and syllabus of the examination in equal proportions.


 Following are the stages of preparation in the whole comprehensive study plan:


 -One must have a complete idea about the syllabus and topics to be studied: To crack the JEE mains exam very efficiently it is very much important for the candidate to have a complete and comprehensive idea about the syllabus and each of the topic associated with the subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry. The candidates must have a clear idea about the syllabus related things so that they can divide the things and can prepare easily.


 -Segregating the syllabus is important: It is also very much important for the individuals to segregate all the topics from each of the subjects in both the classes of 11 and 12 so that common preparation for the board as well as entrance exams can be undertaken simultaneously and efficiently. All the topics from the JEE mains syllabus should be divided into three levels which are the easy, tough and the very tough topics so that preparation plan can be made accordingly and overall goals can be achieved.


 – One must consider all the topics which have good weightage: It is very much important for the people to have a complete idea about the important topics of the syllabus in terms of weightage. It will provide the people with the complete opportunity of formulating a wise strategy that will give importance to all the topics which carry weightage in the JEE mains exam. Proper analysis of the past 20 years is very important to find out which of the topics are important and the respective weightage of each of the topics should be taken into consideration so that one can accordingly incorporate the hours to be devoted to each of the topic and bifurcation.


 – One must have a complete idea about the pattern: Having a comprehensive idea about the examination pattern will always provide the very basic thing what the candidates should expect in the examination. Having a proper understanding of the comprehensive marking scheme is important to calculate how much they have to attempt to clear the examination and this is considered to be one of the most important factors in the whole preparation strategy.


 Hence, having a comprehensive action plan in proper regard to the JEE Main 2020 syllabus is very important to be incorporated by the candidates so that they can make sure that proper time is devoted to every topic and scheduled revision is also included in the whole composite plan. Studying the chapter and proper understanding of the concepts will always make sure to clear the examination in the very first attempt.

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