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How to Prepare Yourself for a Move

If you are getting ready to move, it’s time to prepare. The packing and moving process can overshadow the excitement of a move. To avoid this from happening, you should plan your move so that it’s an organized event. Properly labeling and stacking boxes will make sure that this is the case for you. By labeling and packing things in an orderly manner, you will also make the unpacking process more manageable. So, how do you prepare yourself for a move? Here are some expert-approved tips to follow and keep yourself sane while doing the moving. 

Pack Smart:

Packing smart means packing similar items together for the move. Don’t combine kitchen utensils with bathroom supplies. Your kitchen boxes should end up in the kitchen, while bathroom supplies should be unpacked in the bathroom. This is a pretty basic concept, right? Pack your stuff neatly and correctly, so it’s easier to unpack it. If packing seems like a daunting task, consider professional packing and moving services like those offered by to help you with the move. Packing requires organization, concentration, and attention. Do not hurry or rush things. Start early, keep a good pace, and do it right. 

Uses Cardboard Boxes Or Bins With Lids: 

Cardboard boxes are perfect for packing, and bins with lids are great for the heavy stuff. Boxes and bins stack well and make organizing the moving truck easier on you or your movers. Keep heavy and valuable items in the bins, while cardboard boxes are great for clothes and non-breakable items. 

Take Inventory:

It’s easy to lose track of what you have packed, or what has been unpacked. Create a checklist, an inventory of your belongings so that you know exactly what you have packed and moved. This is especially important if you are hiring a professional moving company, you never know if something might wind up missing during your move. Having a checklist to reference will help when you are unpacking and setting up. 

Switch Your Utilities: 

Utility services are essential if you want a functional home. Make sure you get the utility services set up before you make your move. Power, water, internet, cable, and mail forwarding should be set up before your move. If you have a large yard that will need maintenance or a swimming pool, you may want to order maintenance services for those also. Please note, that you won’t need to setup new services, but instead, you can transfer your existing services over to a new address. 

Goodbyes are not always easy: 

It is not always easy to say goodbye. Mentally detaching yourself from your property before you move will make it easier for you. Take some pictures, then pack your stuff and say goodbye. You will always have memories, and the photos will also help. Make sure you are prepared before the truck arrives, and when it does, load your moving container, and hit the road. 

These little things can save you significant time when preparing for your move. Many don’t realize that moving can be both physically and emotionally draining, so consider that as you prepare for your next move. Happy moving!

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