How to start your career as a Big Data Engineer?

As the technology evolves and organizations move towards digital transformation, there is a surge of data produced every day. While some of this data may make sense, usually this data is in raw, unstructured form that needs to go through a procedure before it can make sense.

Enter big data professionals who are trained to not only study big data but also glean it so that it makes sense and offer insightful solutions to the business houses. They are aspiring professionals like engineers, programmers and analysts who seek a career in big data industry.

Here we will talk about Big Data Engineer – who are they and what do they do?

Big Data engineer is a hybrid of data scientist and data analyst and is in charge of managing data workflows, pipelines and ETL processes in an organization.

Quite important functions for a data-driven organization. No wonder Big Data Engineer is the next hottest buzzword in the world of Big Data.

And what do they do…

To put it simply … a data engineer organizes the collected information, processes it and stores it for data scientists to work on it.

Some of the essential skills for Big Data Engineers include

  • Excellent knowledge of SQL and Python
  • Experience with cloud platforms, in particular, Amazon Web Services
  • Preferred knowledge of Java / Scala
  • Good understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases (data modeling, data warehousing)

You know the skills required but remember that recruiters seek certified big data engineers. And Certifications from a reputed body like Data Science Council of America (DASCA) are the right choice for you.

So if you are an ambitious software engineer or a programming professional, who wants to enter the ever-evolving field of big data industry, then Senior Big Data Engineer certification from Data Science Council of America is an ideal track for you.

And you can check about the minimum requirements for the program by going through the candidacy track.

For more information on SBDE, download the Informa!

But before you check out the SBDE candidacy track, you need to check whether you fulfill the prerequisites of SBDE program. The prerequisites include –

  • A prior, strong formal exposure and knowledge of the basic programming concepts
  • Hands-on experience with tools and techniques of object oriented programming
  • Knowledge of core JAVA and understanding of SQL statements
  • Adept in scripting languages like PERL and RUBY
  • Exposure and practical understanding of Linux and Unix environments

Last but definitely not the least Senior Big Data Engineer aspirants should be comfortable with databases and should at least have a theoretical understanding of Big Data usage in business and various other domains of industry.

So what are the career prospects of SBDE?

If you are aware of the importance of big data in today’s corporate world, you will know that a certified big data professional has bright career prospects. A skilled big data professional is one of the most demanded candidates in the current job market.

And if you are a DASCA certified candidate then you beat the competition hands down because DASCA’s certifications –

  • Are third party validated certification program
  • Include the curriculum that has been designed by the industry experts and cater to the highest standards set by the industry
  • Are vendor neutral
  • Offer a liberal exposure to all crucial branded platforms that are currently in vogue in Big Data applications development

So what are you waiting for? If you seek a career in big data engineering, then download the informa now!

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