Introducing Artwork Into Your Space

Introducing artwork into your home is similar to that of having new furniture or furnishings, except it brings with it some unique challenges. If you have ever went out to shop for furniture or furnishings, then you would be familiar with some of the common challenges such as:

  • Finding aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Finding affordable products
  • Finding designs that are in line with the interior design of your space

If these challenges were not enough, artwork brings in the aspect of having intangible value and stronger value attached to history or messaging. As such, you would find many road bumps when sourcing for artwork for your space. 

As a seasoned framing services company, we are well aware of how intimidating the process of procuring and integrating artwork into a space can be. To help, we have created this article to elaborate on a few basic considerations for bringing artwork into your space.

Consider existing elements in the space

For starters, you will need to consider how well your picked art pieces will fit together with the current components in the space. You should attempt to avoid design clashes as far as possible as a jarring and irritating visual effect would be created. Moreover, when put together, you might even find a devaluation on both sides.

Some elements that you should think about include the colours, materials & lighting of the space.


You need to consider the lighting layout of the area. Besides helping you determine which art work will look the best in a particular area of the room, it will also help you plan where to display the artwork and install after you have acquired it. Good application of lighting will enhance the overall interior design of the space and give it a more pleasant feeling.

Ideally, the painting will be placed in a well lit area of the room where visitors can easily view them without straining their eyes. At the same time, you should be weary of any strong direct sunlight or powerful light sources being beamed directly at the painting. Depending on the way it was crafted, the painting might suffer degeneration rom the excess light and become damaged.

Colour scheme

The overall colour scheme of the space is likewise an additional crucial variable. You do not want to choose art pieces which have primary colours that clash with the colours of your wall surfaces, embellishments and furniture. To select art work that truly matches the color scheme of your space, you can utilize some basic approaches from colour theory.

The first is to pick analogous colours; this indicates choosing colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. If your room includes mainly cozy colours, choose art work that is created in red, orange or yellow. The 2nd method is to pick corresponding colours, which are colours that are contrary each other on the colour wheel. For instance, if your room includes lots of greens, pick art work that includes vivid reds.

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