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Sometimes kids get involved in suspicious activities with friends, or bully others or sometimes being bullied by others or threatened by someone and because of fear is not able to share the situation with a family. And the results become harmful, sometimes because of stress kids committed suicide or take any poison thing. Parents want to avoid such situations and want to monitor their children’s secret activities. 

Sometimes, employees leak the company sensitive data or share secret files with competitors just for some money. Or sometimes employee harms the organization because of some disputes, which affects business goodwill.

To avoid all these situations, there are much-advanced software in the market which enables the user to spy on their people secretly. TheOneSpy is one of top android spy app which not only gives digital parental control and employer control but also empowers caretakers or other people to spy on their loved ones.

TheOneSpy android spy

TOS is a high-tech tracking solution for Android devices remotely. It has a smart user-friendly interface along with data history or backup solution. It allows the parents to access their kids’ pads and tablets or phones which runs through Android OS. It enables employers to track their employee’s performance and test them. Power tools enable the user to track real-time activities and away from loved ones from harm situations before time.

Mainly, it provides solutions in two main categories.

1-     Kids monitoring app

2-     Employee monitoring app

But other people like a spouse or caretakers can also use it to monitor their loved ones by tracking their activities.

TheOneSpy has dynamic features like a spy on messages, e-mails, multimedia, location tracker, password chase, history register, and many more. But for listening surrounding and calling voices, it has special advance features are basically for that specific purpose.

Features for listening

There are two main specific features of TheOneSpy to listen to the calls and surrounding voices of a targeted device.

  • Live 360 surrounding listener

It enables the user to hear surrounding voices or whispering in real-time. By sending a single command, its microphone instantly starts recording voices up to. It effectively and efficiently works with all Android versions. 

If an employee calls to another party and discussing their company secrets or talking about harming any other employee. So, management can act on time. The supervisor can listen to performing their team members in the presentation. A company can also test its faithful employees and promote them and reward them and bonuses.

On other cases, if anyone threats kids or an unknown person ask kids to go with them so parents can instantly take notice. Or if a child is using abusive language or bullying others with friends, parents can take serious action and deal with them accordingly.

  • Call Logs

Call logs enable the user to listen to a real-time conversation. Parental control allows parents to listen to calls, to whom their kids are calling and who is calling their kids and what type of conversation they are doing. Or if someone is threatening their kids for money or for asking them for a hangout or if friends are teasing them so parents will protect their kids from such situations before time.

Or an employer can listen if an employee is wasting company device balance is useless and unlimited calls with friends or families. Or if someone is calling and threatening them so the organization will take legal action with proof.

How does it work?

After getting a subscription of your selected plan and package, you will get credentials by mail. Login to the account on a targeted device and put the subscription key. Download it and install it. You will instantly be able to monitor from cloud access.


TheOneSpy prices vary from plan to plan or package to package for that specific period. All plans work with all versions of Android devices. These days, TheOneSpy is offering 45% off on all plans and packages. It has 2 editions.

  • TOS XLite Edition
  • Monthly package price is $25.
  • Quarterly package price is $40.
  • Yearly package price is $75.
  • TOS Premium Edition 
  • Monthly package price is $40.
  • Quarterly package price is $75.
  • Yearly package price is $145.


Eventually, we concluded that as most people and organizations use android devices and it became the demand of time to monitor children and employees, so in this way the spy applications help to track real-time activities. Day-after-day people are moving towards it to adopt this technology and get the benefit.

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