Neem and its benefits for skin

Neem is a traditionally known ayurvedic product famous for its medicinal, antibacterial, and many other hidden properties. Ayurveda has many remedies for several diseases that use neem as an ingredient. Each part of the neem that is its leave, bark, branches, fruits, etc all have some or the other property that is very essential for our skin. Originally found in India, the neem tree is called Arishtha in Sanskrit which means” reliever of sickness “. Its benefits are countless but here we will only be discussing its benefits for our skin and how it can relieve our skin from the acne and the scars caused by it.

One should use a face wash with neem extracts everyday for a better skin care routine. The leaves of the medicinal plant have been used for centuries for the treatment of various skin diseases by queens and princesses. A face pack made by crushing the leaves of the neem tree helps us soothe our skin and removes the various bacterial and fungal infections present on the skin. Lesser the bacteria lesser will be the occurrence of the fungal diseases or the acne. It also helps in balancing the skin tone.

Neem oil is another product obtained from the neem tree which can reduce the occurrence of the acne on the skin. One can use this oil after washing the face or the body part where the problem occurs as a moisturizing cream and leave it overnight. Then wash it with a neem facewash the next morning. The neem oil acts on the bacteria all through the night and fights the bacteria that grow on the skin. Since the bacteria are more active at night, so this is the best measure to go treat the acne even before its occurrence on the face of the individual.

Neem powder is another product that we can get from this medicinal plant. Spraying this powder on the affected area can soothe the skin and the neem ingredients present in the powder can fight the growing bacteria on the skin. Other products of the neem also are available like neem cream, neem shower gels, etc that treat the varied skin problems and soothes the skin making it healthier and more vibrant. No scars neem extracts facewash for pimples is very popular.

Neem is an ayurvedic remedy, the process can be slow, but its results will surely be better and long-lasting. Neem is an exceptional remedy for acne. It is a very powerful anti-bacterial solution that offers freedom from the scars caused by acne. Thus, we can see it not only relieves us from acne but also remove the very scars produced by it. 

Neem is a universal product that means it is equally good for dry as well as oily skin. It is an antibacterial agent that makes the skin moist and smooth. This helps in restoring the pH of the skin. Thus, neem is a acne-fighting agent for the dry skin people.  In oily skins large quantities of oil are produced all through the day and this makes the skin prone to bacterial attack and thus the occurrence of the acne. Using neem products like a face mask, neem oil regularly and consistently can help to regulate the flow of oil on the skin thus there will be less occurrence of the bacterial attacks.  So, we can see how neem is a universal plant with each of its parts being a boon for the body and its problems. It has been rightly called in Sanskrit as a reliever of the sickness.

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