Picking the Right Elevator Advertising Agency

One of the newest trends in marketing and advertising is; lift advertising. Today there are shopping malls and high rises scattered all over a city. One thing that is common in these places is that they all have elevators aka lifts. People tend to spend a few seconds every day standing inside a lift and this makes it one of the best places to attract potential customers’ attention.  

Today one can find lift advertising in many forms like digital ads inside the lift, graphics banners or elevator door ads, entire lift wrapped in marketing banner from inside, or promotional wraps on the handles or bars inside the lifts. This is because, like many other marketing tools, lif ads are also enhanced and made creative to make them more presentable and appealing.

Lift ads for attracting an audience 

One of the best things about lift ads is the fact that they can be created in a very targeted manner. That is every lift tends to have a certain number of people who use the same lift every day and if the lift is in a commercial building then people working in the same field or likewise are using the lift as well. This makes the advertisement targeting easy.  

Products and services that can entice and cater to a certain bunch of customers can be posted in a lift that is used by that certain bunch of people. Also in a lift people are standing at a single place and doing nothing else therefore this allows the marketing services to attract the customer’s attention. A good ad will instantly be caught by the eye of a potential customer without distraction whatsoever. 

Lift ad agency with the right tools

After one has decided about getting lift ads fro one’s business, then the next step involves choosing the right agency for creating the ad. Now always remember there are several ad agencies out there and not many provide quality services. Some of the ad companies are good and some are not so. 

So the first thing to check about an agency is if they have the right tool and techniques of marketing. They should indulge in the latest type of practices and should have updated versions of technology that is used. They also should have a dynamic approach towards their elevator advertising work, so that they can keep themselves open to new adaptations and changes. They should know how to work along with the client and take suggestions and also add useful suggestions to the work.

Experience and portfolio

Like mentioned before, the ad agency for elevator ads should be chosen carefully. Therefore one of the most important things to do is to do thorough research about the company before picking them. Check their portfolio and their past projects and see if they fit the style and design that one if looking for in their lift ads. Also, ask what all types of ads they can create and how much is their budget. Also, see if they have a good online presence along with reviews and testimonials from past customers. 

Shailendra Kumar
Shailendra Kumar is an experienced Financial Consultant & Tech Reviewer who has 6+ years of experience in the field of finance and technology.

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