Print Advertising: Should Business Use It in this Digital Era?

Well, in this technology -soaked world, you might be forgiven for thinking print advertising was a thing of the past – but you know what, nothing could be further from the reality. The fact of the matter is that print advertising is something that is very much alive and well and can be dollars well spent for your company or business.

You should not miss out on proper print advertising design and formation. After all, it is still an essential and important aspect of advertising. If you think that you would simply get completely digitalised and things are going to be rosy for you then you might be thinking way more. Following are a few things that you should read to know about the effectivity of the print advertisements.

Concentrated Readers

Most of the people have a couple of tabs open at the same time when surfing on the internet or web and it is something that can make it a bit tougher to be open to advertising. Researches show that your print reader is far more probable to be concentrated, as rather than multitasking when flicking through a magazine or that of reading the newspaper; these tend to give the print publication their entire attention. Once a content gets undivided attention, what can be better than that?

Targeted Ad Placement

Print allows you to tailor your advertisements to the budget you have available, with costs do varying depending on the size of ad you pick. You can choose the print publication that are targeted to the audience you want your business and promotion to reach. Newspapers and magazines even encompass targeted sections so that you can easily choose to place your ad in the section that will have the best impact.  When working with print advertisers, there would also a good chance you might end up making your ad placement request directly to a person with influence over layout rather than that of leaving it up to an algorithm.

Complementing Digital Arenas

In case you really want your business to take benefit from the best of both worlds, then it is a good idea to get a way to pull your print and online efforts in the same course. Using QR codes and other types of interactive features in print ads or adding social media page URLs or even offering free downloads to encourage online follow-up by your customers and targets are all paths to help bridge the print-web divide and attain effective results for your business advertising campaigns.

Print Has Thump

Even in the present day busy online world, there is a certain seriousness related to being interviewed for a print publication. There is a tangibility attached to print that the online world just cannot match, whether your business or brand is being covered for a new story, you have some editorial in the industry publications or you are simply placing an advertorial. Of course, in case your business appears in print and you share it online via your business Facebook page and other social media accounts then you really get to maximise your exposure.


So, you should count on professional effective print ad design and make sure that it is a part of your advertising campaign. Blend the both worlds of digitisation and print to make the most of advertising for your business.

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