Procedures to download PAN card with PAN number?

PAN Card is one of the key proofs of identity in India. It also serves as a financial document, which is issued by the Income Tax Department. From the purposes of filing income tax to availing loan, paying insurance premiums and more, a PAN Card helps.

You can apply for a PAN Card at the NSDL website and download it. If you want to go for the PAN Card download facility, and don’t know how to go about it, then read on!

You should know that the Income Tax Department has started the facility of availing instant e-PAN online at free of cost. If you don’t have a PAN Card, then you can apply and enjoy accessing e-PAN super quick and without paying any charges.

You can download PAN Card after following any of the two methods:

  1. PAN Card download with the acknowledgement number

  • You can land on the NSDL website and start downloading your e-PAN with the acknowledgement number.

  • Enter the acknowledgement number that you have been provided with

  • Click on ‘Generate OTP.’

  • Enter the received OTP on your phone number and click on ‘validate.’

  • Click on ‘Download PDF’, and you are ready to start downloading the e-PAN instantly

  1. PAN Card download with your date of birth and PAN number

  • Browse the NSDL portal and download the e-PAN

  • Provide the details that are required on the form such as date of birth, PAN and Captcha Code

  • Click on the ‘submit’ button, and you are now ready to start downloading the e-PAN for free

What is e-PAN Card?

e-PAN is a PAN Card that is signed digitally and issued in electronic format by the Income Tax Department with the help of Aadhaar e-KYC process. Thus, if you are looking to make the most of this easy-to-use facility, then you ought to have a valid Aadhaar Card.

The e-PAN is valid as the physical PAN Card. Thus, there is nothing to bother. But, you need to know that the IT Department will not issue a physical card anymore.

Who is eligible to apply for e-PAN Card?

The facility of applying for e-PAN Card is applicable to resident individuals only. It is not extended to minors and others covered under Section 160 of the IT Act. Even HUF, Trusts, Firms and Companies won’t be able to use this unique facility.

The basic requirement of using this facility is that you must have UIDAI-issued Aadhaar Card and mobile number. The mobile number must be linked with your Aadhaar Card. It is more than important as you will receive the OTP on the registered mobile number at the time of applying.

The e-PAN that is generated is done by using the data available on your Aadhaar such as Name, date of birth, address and mobile number.

The best part is that even foreign nationals are eligible to avail of this facility.

What is the benefit of availing the e-PAN facility?

People don’t have time these days to run behind middlemen and keep waiting for 15-20 days for the physical PAN Card to be received. The biggest relief that the e-PAN facility provides to people is being instantly available.

PAN Card is also utilized by institutions offering you the facility of buying products on EMI. PAN Card is used as a Know Your Customer essential. The details are verified after you submit the PAN details, along with other details and a cancelled cheque. This way, you can easily manage your expenses after dividing the cost of a product over a tenor and pay only fixed EMIs. Thanks to PAN Card, you can access and make the most of the many financial facilities in India.

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