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Professional Credentials on Top of a Degree: A Perfect Duo

Amid the growing unemployment globally, being equipped with just a degree is not enough, especially in the times of cut-throat competition in the global job markets. There must be an added credential to your name, no matter, which industry you hustle in. Gaining a competitive advantage is not anymore a luxury, but has become a necessity in the current times to succeed.

And which is the most befitting tool available in the market to gain a competitive advantage? It’s the professional certifications that can be easily acquired by enrolling online for them and taking exams from the comfort of your homes.

You can be a graduate in any subject discipline, such as business studies, mathematics, statistics, economics, engineering, physics, hr, among others. It is skill-specific, and industry-relevant, the certification program for each one of you.

However, some industries are more competitive and trending at the moment than others. These are hr, data science, artificial intelligence, business strategy, and blockchain. Obtaining a professional credential in any of these business fields, at the moment, would prove to be worth a dime in the near future.

Certification Programs Offer Maximum Value Requiring Minimal Investment

That is a well-known fact! Prominent credentialing bodies, across the world, offer industry-specific certification credentials at cost-effective prices, while the career-value they carry, is priceless. Not only, professional credentials help you bag your first job, but they serve you for a considerable period, in terms of elevating your credibility for work promotions.

Key Facts on the Relevance of Professional Certifications

  • The top 50 certifications that are issued by credentialing organizations from across the world account for 2/3rd of all the demands in varied job openings.
  • In the industries that value professional credentials, a salary hike of about 18% is given to those equipped with at least one of them.
  • Certification programs generally fall in one of the two categories: ‘getting a foot in the door’ kind, and the ‘promotion catalysts’ one. Both offer significantly different benefits.
  • The most valued certifications in the job market are those that help fill in the ‘hard-to-fill’ job roles.

Top 3 Benefits of Getting Certified 

Gain a Competitive Edge

Being certified makes you stand out among the crowd when appearing for a job interview, or during IJPs (internal job postings). It transmits a signal to the recruiters that you are more committed than others towards your professional career and excel in what you do. This can prove to be a huge advantage, given the intense competition that exists in the current job markets, across industries. 

Improved Work-Efficiency

If you happen to be a certified professional, equipped with a vendor-neutral certification, and that too, issued by a globally-recognized credentialing body, you are worth a diamond in the global job markets. The advanced level of training, knowledge, and hands-on experience you acquire while preparing for your qualifying exam to eventually acquire the certification, makes you job-ready.

While going for an interview, you already become more qualified with practicing the skills required for the advertised job. Compared to others, you become more familiar with industry-specific tools and strategies.

Increased Monetary Value

The time spent in training yourself to become a skilled professional in a specific domain eventually results in increasing your monetary value in the concerned industry. A majority of clients will understand and realize the value you bring to the table as a consultant, or a regular employee, and will be ready to pay you more than others. A study conducted in this regard found that the individuals that take up one or more online certifications, usually earn 20-40% more than those, non-certified.

Brief Conclusion

Global credentialing companies, in the last couple of years, have launched multiple new professional certifications that are skill-specific, and offer invaluable assistance to your career growth. This can be seen as a golden opportunity to upscale your professional career or to start afresh in an industry, while having a competitive edge.



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