Managing a project is one of the most difficult things if you don’t have a proper plan for it. For example, if you are planning to open a school or a shop, you have to think about its costs, place, customer demand, investment, and profit. To manage all these things, you have to choose the right plane for it. Here are some suggestions of top practices to handle a project successfully,

1.   Explain scope and goals

2.   Define product

3.   Hold a meeting with all team members

4.   Detailed document

5.   Project plan

6.   Report the progress

7.   Risk management

8.   Communication

9.   Hold a meeting at the end of the project

• Explain scope and goals

The goal is a basic part of the project. If a person is not clear about its project goal, then he can’t effectively contribute to the project. Clear vision about a project is important for work should meet with requirements. The scope is related to the demand or value of a product in a market

• Define product

Explain the product which you are selling through your project. For example, if you are selling a house, you must explain its specifications in detail. You must document all the information about it like the number of rooms, type of material used in building the house, and the quality of the material used, etc.

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• Hold a meeting with all the team member

Teamwork has a great effect on a project. It is a key to success. Teams should be consisting of experienced and trained people. They should know how to take action in a difficult situation. A team must know how to handle things in the time of mishap in a project. The purpose of holding a meeting with them is to assign tasks to them.

• Detailed document

Document everything about the project – its scope, goals, benefits, product and team members. So that in case of a meeting, all the things are available in one place.  This helps compare the flaws and benefits while having reported for the investors. To measure all the moving parts of a project, a detailed work plan is very important.

• Project plan

To complete a project, the project manager decides a plan in which he estimates about budget, resources, quality of material, investment, input, and output. Calculation of time and effort for every activity is needed. Critical days of the project must be considered and one must set the deadline to complete the project on time

• Report the progress

Once a project is started, the manager monitors the progress. What is the actual progress? It is met with the planned progress where is ups and downs. In a project, four things are essential and closely related – square cost, scope, plan and time. If one changes, then all factors are affected as they are directly related. This can cause problems for the manager

• Risk management

Risks are always a part of any project. The lack of risk management causes great trouble. The risk could be of different types like lack of staff, short time, unproductive material, etc .risks must be considered while planning time and must be resolved as soon as possible. One great tip is to compare the risk ratio and solved them according to their rank.

• Communication

Manger’s communication with the worker is very essential. A manager must know how to assign work and create a teamwork environment. Use the skills of team members in the right manner and lead them to successfully carry out their tasks.

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• Hold review meetings

For the optimization of the project, conduct a wrap-up meeting. Discuss drawbacks and benefits. It creates an opportunity for the entire team to understand their roles and perform better.

These practices will ensure the successful completion of projects. To gain more knowledge and learn project management skills, you can even take up a project management course. PMP is a widely known certification. You can take up the PMP training from an authorized training partner and a registered education provider of PMI- Project Management Institute.

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