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Pros and Cons of Different Phone Repair Service

If you’ve broken your iPhone and need repair, don’t feel too bad – broken iPhones happen all the time. Although cell phones are getting more advanced, advances in technology are making repair more complicated. This means that you will need to choose the best possible option when it comes to having your phone fixed.

Happily, iPhone repair is available in a variety of places because there are so many broken iPhones around the country. Today we’re going to help you decide which repair option is best for you by listing your major options and the pros and cons of each option.

Getting Your Phone Fixed by the Apple Store

The first place you might think of when you think iPhone repair is the Apple store. There are some benefits of going to the Apple store for iPhone repair if you have broken your screen, battery, charging port, or another part of your phone.

  1. The Apple Store will use original parts. When you head to Apple to get your iPhone fixed, you will know that they are going to use authentic Apple parts to repair your phone. If the repair is a success, your phone will essentially be as good as new.
  2. Your warranty will still be intact. If you have damaged your phone when it is still under warranty, you should head to the Apple Store to get it repaired to ensure that your warranty remains valid. Please remember though that in the case of accidental damage, Apple might not provide repairs for your iPhone.

Getting your iPhone repaired at the Apple Store does have some downfalls, however.

  1. Getting your phone repaired at the Apple store is expensive. This is because Apple uses authentic parts and they assure users their phones will be like-new when you get it back.
  2. Apple takes a long time to repair your iPhone. If you need speedy repair services, the Apple Store is not your best bet. For major repairs, you can expect a turnaround time of more than a week, possibly more than two. This is due to the volume of phones that are constantly being repaired at Apple.
  3. The Apple Store might be far away from where you live. If you don’t have a local Apple Store, you’ll have to ship your broken phone to the repair center which might be found in another city, maybe even another state. The shipping process will make the time it takes for repair even longer.

Doing it on Your Own

If you look online, you’ll find a ton of DIY tutorials on how to fix your iPhone. This has started a trend of users trying to repair their own phones rather than heading to the repair shop. If you don’t have specific knowledge about cell phone repair, you might have trouble following the tutorial. They will only list instructions and sometimes you can miss out on details about things you should or shouldn’t avoid during your DIY repair.

Still, fixing your own phone can have benefits if you are a very tech-savvy person:

  1. Faster repair (If you know what you’re doing). Unlike the Apple Store, your only focus is on your phone alone so if you can manage to finish the repair, you’ll have it within a matter of hours.
  2. The repair will be cheaper. You’ll have to pay for a tech kit and parts and wait for them to come in the mail from an online store, but once you have the tools, this will be your only expense.

DIY iPhone repair is not for the faint of heart though. Here is the negative side of doing it yourself:

  1. You can void your warranty as soon as you tinker with your phone. If you damage your iPhone more after trying to repair it on your own, the Apple Store may refuse to help you at this point.
  2. You can do even more damage to your iPhone. If you don’t have much knowledge about cell phone repairs, chances are you might damage other parts of your phone while you try to fix one part. Say, when you open up your phone to fix your battery, you might end up damaging another part inside of the phone too.
  3. You will have to pick out the correct parts for your specific make and model of your iPhone. You’ll need to spend a significant amount of time ensuring the part is good quality, and if you order it online, you’ll need to wait awhile for the part to arrive while your iPhone remains broken.

Bringing Your iPhone to a Local Repair Shop

You can have your phone fixed at a local repair store. If you do a little bit of online research, check out store reviews and call up a few shops for quotes, you’ll find the ideal store to use.

There are many advantages to taking your phone to a third-party repair shop:

  1. The service will be faster. Many of these shops can even repair your phone the same day you brought it in. If you have broken your screen, local repair shops may even be able to repair your phone as you wait in the store.
  2. The service will be more convenient. Unlike going to the Apple Store where you will need to make an appointment and stand in line, you can walk into a repair shop or arrange to drop off your device at a specified time.

Although third-party repair shops offer a lot of benefits, there is one downfall, the extra cost of getting your repair done. The price will be contingent upon how complicated your repair is and how damaged your phone is. Still, these local shops can be significantly less expensive than taking your phone to the Apple Store.

We hope this article will help you weigh your options and make an educated choice about where to get your iPhone repaired. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, so make the right decision for your specific needs and you should have your iPhone back in working order soon.

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