Reason why you should buy CSGO Smurf Ranked Accounts and from where? offers its clients with exclusive and cost-effective smurf accounts. Their prime accounts are boosted by professionals and not any third parties. By purchasing a ranked account would allow you to sustain your rank in the game. Several players exist who have chosen to buy csgo smurf ranked accounts, merely to save their efforts and time in the game. There are some who play by an unfair means: hacking, cheats codes, wallhacks, etc. Through this, hackers achieve their desired ranks by beating players like you, who have spent hours in the game sharpening their skills.

Sometimes, it is frustrating and discourages players to go for a match again after getting defeated by hackers numerous times. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that in order to achieve your prime status, one needs to complete all the initial 21 levels of the game. Though, if you wish to surpass them without putting an effort, we have a solution for you. We sell prime csgo smurf accounts at an inexpensive range. When it comes to the weapon’s functionality and its destruction level, it is the same as any other ranked csgo prime accounts. Fun fact: in the beginning, you’ll only have a knife to deal with your opponents.

Buy csgo prime accounts

In order to buy csgo smurf ranked accounts, you first need to assess your budget and interests. We have an array of various csgo prime accounts for everyone, of all ranks. Buycsgorank is a distinct platform that offers an opportunity to the gaming community to purchase an extensive range of prime csgo smurf accounts. We are proficient in what we do; we know the nitty- gritty of the gaming industry. We serve everything you seek when it comes to csgo rank purchasing.

If you consider buying csgo prime accounts you are required to link your account with your phone number. Upon falling short of such information would result in failed procurement. Player can either play till level 21 or can straight go for a prime account.

However, for any illicit activities, if found on your smurf account, we won’t be liable for any compensation, whatsoever. For the old users, who have purchased a csgo account in their name, but didn’t opt for a prime status will automatically be upgraded to prime position. Regardless of the fact that the owner doesn’t have his phone no. linked to his account, he still gets a prime status. Albeit, new users can buy csgo smurf accounts easily, if they desire.

If you wish to play without purchasing any csgo smurf ranked accounts, you should know few aspects of this game:

In the beginning you won’t be competing with the professional players nor there any matchmaking.  Your kill counts and MVP status won’t make a difference when it comes to rank pushing. The only thing that matters in the game is your win count. After finishing your initial 10 matches, ranking begins! You’ll be placed on a rank based on your skills, performance, in particular, kill count, and matches you have lost and won.

So, the last decision is unto you. We are always at your service, anytime you’d need us. 

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