Top 5 Fuel-efficient Bajaj Bikes For Affordable Post-lockdown Commute

COVID-19 has thrown our lives completely out of gear. Earlier public transport was a safe and affordable way to go from point A to point B, however, due to the nature of the coronavirus commuters will begin to question their modes of transport after lockdown ends.

If there were ever a time for people to get their bikes for transport, it would be now. Having your vehicle for transport takes a lot of burden off your shoulders, and it is also definitely a safe way to commute to work. 

Considering the current situation of the pandemic, you can opt for Two wheeler loan online approval to purchase the motorcycle that best suits your needs. We have specially curated a list of 5 of the most affordable and fuel-efficient bikes from Bajaj to address all your transport and commuting needs:

  1. Bajaj, CT 100:
  2. Bajaj Discover 125:
  3. Bajaj Platina 100:
  4. Bajaj Discover 110:
  5. Bajaj V15:
  • Bajaj CT 100:

The CT 100 is one of the most affordable and most fuel-efficient amongst Bajaj bikes. This bike has an ex-showroom price ranging from Rs 43,174 to Rs 50,854 in Mumbai. The CT 100 is an entry-level bike that can give riders a mileage of up to 89.5 km per litre and comes with a 10.5-litre fuel tank, making it perfect for the middle-class consumer. This bike is powered by 102 CC, four-stroke engine mated with a 4-speed gearbox. The CT 100’s engine can produce a maximum power output of 8.1 bhp and generates peak torque of 8.05 Nm. 

  • Bajaj Discover 125:

The Discover 125 is a slightly bigger bike than the CT 100. The Discover 125 comes with a 124 CC engine that gives its rider an impressive mileage of 82.4 km per litre. The engine can produce a maximum power output of 10.8 bhp and 11 Nm of torque. The value of this bike is because at a Mumbai ex-showroom price of Rs 51,793 you can get a simple yet elegant vehicle. 

  • Bajaj Platina 100:

The Bajaj Platina is one of the most successful bikes that Bajaj has ever made. Due to Bajaj’s efficient two-wheeler loan online approval, this bike is a best seller. The Bajaj Platina 100 is a basic yet fantastic mileage bike. It comes with a single-cylinder engine that outputs a maximum torque of 8.34 Nm and a maximum power output of 7.9 PS. The BS 6 version of the Bajaj Platina 100 has a Mumbai ex-showroom price of Rs 58,861.

  • Bajaj Discover 110:

If you are looking for a 110 CC bike that has excellent mileage as well as ride comfort, then the Discover 110 is perfect for you. This is a great motorcycle that provides all the necessary features. The Discover 110 is powered by a 115.45 CC air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. Priced at Rs 52,801 in Mumbai this is a bike that offers riders great value.

  • Bajaj V15:

The Bajaj V15 is a modern bike that offers customers great style, comfort and mileage. The V 15 comes with a 149.5 CC single-cylinder engine that can output an impressive 12 PS of power and produces a maximum torque of 12.7 Nm. The V15 can give you a mileage of up to 57 km per litre and comes with a massive 13-litre fuel tank. This makes the V15 a bike that can be used for long commutes with ease. It is priced between Rs 60,000 – 66,739 in Mumbai.


All of the bikes that we have mentioned in this list are suitable for commuting in a post-lockdown world. Due to their unmatchable performance and value, we are sure that you will find each one of them ideal for your commuting needs.

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