Shoe Boxes-Check More Trending Packaging design in 2020

Shoe boxes are a vital part of every footwear brand. They are manufactured with rigid cardboard stock that provides good safety to the products. Modern technology allows packaging manufacturers to make them in different shapes. Some of them have a foldable lid, and some of them have a removable lid. They can also be manufactured with a sleeve to show the rich nature of the brand. They can be printed in a customized manner, and businesses like to get them printed in an alluring way to grab the attention of the customers. They can also be manufactured with an artistic die-cut window to showcase in style.Shoe boxes are no more just made to provide protection, but they have become the symbol of style of brands. That is why we see many styles of these packages around us nowadays. So, let us see some of their designs that are trending in 2020.

Sleeve Package

 Sleeve packages are one of the most luxurious types of packaging around the globe. These types of shoe boxes consist of two parts. The primary part is a sleeve that covers the secondary or inner part that can be a sliding tray or a complete box. The primary part is printed with information regarding the product, brand, and also with images or illustrations. The inner part mostly contains embossed, engraved, or printed logo and name of the brand. Many people like this packaging these days.

Magnetic closure design

 As the name suggests, the magnetic closure design of shoe boxes storage has magnets to close the package. They have a foldable lid that contains a magnet. The base of the package also contains a magnet or an iron plate so the lid and the base can seal properly. They are becoming popular due to enhanced unboxing experience customers get with them. They can be printed with the desired information as well.

Personalized cardboard insert packaging

This is one of the most amazing shoe packaging ideas. Some businesses like to get their packages manufactured with specific cardboard inserts. These inserts are manufactured in the shape and size that matches the product and can hold it in a specific way. The customer gets a lasting impression to see the same design as the holder as of the product. That is why this style is gaining huge popularity among the people.

Triangular style

 Want to make simple yet impressive corrugated shoe boxes? Triangular ones are a great replacement for the conventional rectangular ones. These packages have a rectangular shape. Mostly they have equal sides, and the thickness of the packaging depends upon the product thickness. They are made up of a corrugated cardboard sheet. They are one of the most economical and yet stylish types of boxes around the globe. They can be printed in different colors and designs to attract customers. They have a removable lid for opening and closing.

Pyramidal layout style

 Most people confuse this style with the triangular one. But they are completely different ones. The triangular one is plane from both upper and lower sides. But these pyramidal footwear boxes are plane from the base only. The upper part has a pyramidal shape that has all the equal sides. One side has a foldable lid to place the product inside. This shape is becoming famous due to its uniqueness.

Branded package

 Indeed! Branded luxury shoe boxes are still very popular and trending in 2020. These packages are printed with information regarding the brand. They contain the name and the logo of the brand to improve the recognition of the brand. The vision of the business can also be found on some of them. They are printed with the color scheme that resembles the theme of the brand. The color scheme can also be matched with the colors of the logo.

Shoulder box

 This is one of the most elegant shoe packaging ideas around the globe. Shoulder ones are no more just the packaging choice of the watch businesses. They are gaining huge popularity among footwear businesses as well. They consist of three parts, a base a lid and a tray. The tray is fixed in the base, and the lid covers the tray. Generally, the lid and the base have the same design and colors, and the tray has others. That makes a sharp boundary between the lid and the base that looks very stylish.

Similar texture package

 These types of footwear boxes are manufactured with the same texture as the products to be placed inside them have. The colors are the same as the item. The illustrations or design is also the same as the footwear item inside them have. This style gives a unique look and attracts customers. Many people love this, as it also has a lasting impact on them.

Personalized die-cut window design

 Like many other types of businesses use the die-cut window to showcase in style, show manufacturers also use corrugated shoe boxes with a die-cut window. This window can be personalized according to the requirement of the brand. This can be matched with the design of the product. This can also resemble the logo of the brand. Many styles can be given to this window to satisfy the customers.Many businesses nowadays are getting their shoe boxes storage manufactured in unique styles to be competitive. That is giving rise to innovations in the packaging industry. The aforementioned designs are some of the many that are trending in 2020.

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