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Snoring aids: Things you should know about

The all too familiar concept of snoring may occur regularly or intermittently, depending on the level of ailment. Overweight men are at the largest risk of snoring. As the age increases, it becomes more serious causing major problems in your and your bed partner’s sleep quality. Factors such as age, weight, and heart health and throat relaxation affect the amount that you snore. There are however, multiple methods to cope with snoring.


If you want to detect whether or not your problems with snoring are increasing without recording yourself or a third party pointing it out, these are the symptoms you can look out for.

1)  Recent weight gain

2) Abrupt awakenings at night

3) Daytime sleepiness

4) Headaches at morning

5) Breathing pauses during sleeping hours

Lifestyle changes:

There are some preliminary changes you can make to your lifestyle to curb snoring. While these are not as effective as consulting a professional or using products targeted at reducing snoring, they are the first basic steps you can take to tackle the problem.

1)  Change in sleeping position:  Lying on your back pushes your tongue to the back of the throat, increasing the vibration caused by snoring. If you lie on your side instead, it might immediately decrease the amount of noise and vibration you make while snoring.

2) Avoid alcohol: alcohol causes a relaxing effect, which again pushes your tongue back. So, omitting the consumption of alcohol roughly 6 hours before sleeping reduces chances of snoring.

3) Lose weight: losing weight, especially around the neck, decreases tension around the area. With your neck muscles more relaxed, your chances of snoring go down.

4) Open nasal passages: There are many household methods to open up your nasal cavities. This allows a smoother passage of air and prevents snoring. This is where more specialized products come in to help you maintain an open nasal cavity and reduce the chances of snoring.

Specialized products:

1) Anti snore chin straps: As comical, as they look these chinstraps perform a very basic task. They hold your mouth closed, in order to stop open mouth snoring. Although they help to reduce the loudness of the snoring drastically, they do not attack the symptoms of the disease. They just dampen the effects.

2) Nasal strips: These adhesive strips are attached to the bridge of the nose. They perform a spring like action, and lift the nasal passages, causing an increase in airflow. This tackles the problem at its root and organically reduces snoring. However, each band in single use only and causes a lot of overall product waste.

3) Anti snoring sprays: The best product that exists in the market as an anti-snoring solution comes in a spray form. These break down the mucus in your nasal cavities organically and result in ease of airflow. This is a basic method of both decreasing the noise and vibration caused by snoring, while also attacking the problem at its root.

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