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Blockchain has been the bandwagon technology in 2018 and its popularity is still going strong in 2019. Multiple organizations have started adopting blockchain, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency.

From casual chitchats to corporate boardroom talks, blockchain technology has become the latest buzz in the industry. Today, it is touted as the most disruptive technology ever since the internet took birth.

But if you would have stopped down by the street and ask a passerby, what exactly is blockchain? Chances are, you’ll simply get a head-scratching or probably vague assertions.

But what is blockchain?

Enhanced security, immutability, faster settlement, increased capacity, and decentralization are some major features blockchain technology entails. Multiple organizations are already leveraging this technology to reduce costs, improve transparency, and simplify complex businesses.

  • A study by PwC resulted in showing 84% of executives who have confirmed stating their companies were actively involved with blockchain.
  • Also, based on a survey, 41% of the top managers said it is likely for companies to adopt blockchain in the next couple of years.
  • Going forward, almost half of these respondents said this technology will definitely impact their businesses in the same timeframe.

The technology world is moving fast. Adding blockchain skills to your repertoire helps cash in a six-figure salary in a jiffy. Earning a blockchain certification is a solid starting point in the blockchain career.

Why should you choose certifications over degrees?

It is quite likely blockchain technology that will move from exciting to becoming a concrete tool in the job market. Thus, to truly grasp the technology skills, certification over degrees is ideal.

Surely, a degree is required to get a high paying job but this will not suffice the current hypercompetitive market.

  • Blockchain certification with the latest skillsets and trends is available even in this hyper-competitive job market. To earn a degree, you might have to change your geographical location or follow certain university schedules, which may get challenging to follow. However, this is not the case with certifications. You can learn through certifications anytime and at your pace.
  • Certifications are for a shorter period of time; thus, it is much affordable and less time taking.
  • They’re subject centric as compared to degrees. For instance, if you have taken up a certification program just to learn C++, you’ll learn the programming language for sure. While if you’ve taken up a degree in computer science, you’re likely required to take up other subjects such as mathematics or statistics in the next semester.
  • Earning a credible certification from the right certification body is usually preferred by employers these days.
  • Certification has no age restrictions, unlike degrees.
  • The current industry prefers hands-on experience over theory and this is possible only through blockchain certification.
  • You do not need to leave your current job and at the same time. While working, you will still be able to accelerate your learning potential.
  • Upgrading your skills through a blockchain certification is a wise choice since most degrees do not offer the latest skills the industry is in search for.

Having a certification instantly impacts your career growth. A Washington post said the people with certifications have increased within the past years. And based on research by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, it is said the 3% of the workforce (4 million) people possess certifications.

It is high time that you make your way through credible certifications and develop a solid foundation in blockchain technology.

Ready to get started?

You may check these top two certification bodies that offer the best business blockchain certification: –

  • Central Blockchain Council of America – If you’re looking for something big and is recognizable globally then CBCA is your ideal spotlight. It is a third-party and vendor-neutral that is ideal for students and professionals with different levels of education and experience.

The good news is it is self-paced and is one of the leading online platforms for blockchain.

  • Blockchain Council – Eager to get into something more intense, then you might consider Blockchain Council. This certification program helps you incorporate to both short and long strategies.



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