Spend Unforgettable Moments Enjoying Adventurous Activities During Vip Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Dubai is a city of luxury lifestyle and attracts millions of tourists every year to explore the culture, beauty, heritage, and of course the desert safari adventure. Take a break from the monotonous or hectic routine and spend some time to refresh your body both physically and mentally.

The tourists frequently ask to suggest the best desert safari company in Dubai. I would suggest finding one which is affordable and easy to opt for. The second most repeatedly asked question is about the selection of deals. You can select any tour package according to your mood but I prefer desert safari in Dubai because you might not get in your country. Many tourists get confused between regular desert safari tours and VIP desert safari tours. What is the difference between both of them? Should I consider a VIP safari tour or the regular one? You will be answered in this article. Although both are the same except the VIP treatment given in the VIP Dubai desert safari tour yet you can go for either.

The Lahbab desert is the most wonderful desert of Dubai. The red dunes of the desert look ravishing and charming when glorious sunlight shines on the dunes. The fine grains of sand shine like crystals and heavenly beauty captures the eye of the beholder.

Will I be picked from my hotel or home?

In regular safari deal, you are picked up from the selected locations by companies in Dubai while in the VIP desert safari tour the tourists are picked and dropped from their hotels or residential place in luxurious SUV car Land Cruiser instead of buses. The total duration is approximately 6 hours from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

A warm welcome on arrival at desert:

On your arrival at the desert, you are welcomed in a traditional Arabian manner by offering Arabic ghawa. This overwhelming response makes you feel like a princess or king.

Dune bashing is a dramatically electrifying adventure:

The VIP Dubai desert safari starts from exhilarating dune bashing session on elevated sandhills. The professional drivers take this adventure to the next level. Moreover, the drivers are certified from the government of Dubai. Dune driving is a blast of energy and excitement. The crust and trough take your adrenaline level up to the sky.However, it is safe and secure by all means.

ATV quad biking is powerfully thrilling desert sport:

Any trusted desert safari company in Dubai provides a three-wheeler or four-wheeler quad bike to enjoy hair-raising quad biking adventure on inclined dunes. You can control the quad bike with the steering wheel by balancing momentum and speed simultaneously. The riders actually feel like flying in the air as some jumps are exceptionally high. This rambunctious adventure drives excitement to explore the desert. The tourists are continuously provided with refreshments, mineral water, and fresh juices.

Witness to view the magical sunset in the desert:

The sunset moment in the desert is dramatically breathtaking and charming. The sky is filled with stunning orange-red color as the sun is basking with exalted beauty. You should not miss this charismatic moment and take several photographs. The professional photographers are always available at every step to make your trip an unforgettable journey.

Have a panoramic view of the desert via camel ride:

Both children and adults love to enjoy camel ride as it a mixture of fun and adventure. The professional photographers never forget to take your photos during a camel ride. The camels take you to the campsite to enjoy a lavish cuisine and lovely dance performances.

Wear Arabic dresses to experience a true blend of royalty and culture:

The deals in Dubai for desert safari provide beautifully designed Arabic dresses to tourists to take numerous snaps. The dresses have mind-blowing patterns and colors that look amazingly beautiful.

Enjoy the sumptuous BBQ dinner at the campsite:

A delicious intercontinental dinner is included in deals in Dubai for desert safari. The VIP protocol is provided by waiters while you are having dinner. Do not worry if you are a vegetarian, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines are served to tourists. The sweet juicy dates, Arabic tea, and coffee are finger-licking delicious in taste.

Enjoy fragrant sheesha pipe at the campsite:

There is a designated area for tourists where they can enjoy exotic tobacco Arabic sheesha pipes. It is non-toxic and safe to use as nicotine and tar are totally absorbed in water before entering the body.

Entertainment activities are worthy to watch:

The well-choreographed dance performances including Belly dance and Tanura dance entertains the tourists. The fire shows will leave you startled with amazing fire breathing and fire eating tricks.

Girls get ready for beautiful henna tattoos:

The women should never forget to have beautiful henna painting tattoos on their hands or feet. They look beautiful and traditional as well.

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