The main difference – Satire vs Comedy

What is sarcasm?

Satire can only be described as a way of criticizing people, concepts, beliefs or ideas in society through humor, intelligence, irony and ridicule. The term satire refers to a genre criticizing society as well as a work created using that style.

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Satire can create laughter in the audience, but satire aims to expose and criticize the prevalent maladies and evils in society. A satirical act can expose people’s corruption, weaknesses, evil, abuses as well as their hooliganism and non-equality. Satire is often created using intelligence, irony, euphemism, exaggeration and understanding.

Satire can be classified into two main types called Horatian satire and Juvenilean satire. Horatian satire, named after the Roman satirist Horace, is a form of gentle, humorous, and amusing satire, which derides the ridicule and absurdity of people. Juvenilean satire, named after the ancient Roman satirist Juvenal, is a formal satire, which attacks vice and error in society with contempt and indignation. Juvalian satire is more harsh and abrasive than Horatian satire.

Fashion Satire

What is comedy?

A comedy is a display of light and comical character with a happy or cheerful ending. In short, comedy makes people laugh. The main purpose of a comedy is a win over adversity, resulting in a happy and successful ending. A successful comedy not only has the ability to make the audience laugh, but it also has the ability to criticize the rebels, the folly, and the non-equal in people and society.

High comedy is a type of comedy, with funny dialogue, irony and satire. Low comedy is characterized by whipping or slapping humor. Low comedy has no purpose other than to create laughter while high comedy aims for social criticism.

Humor can further be classified into various genres. Given below are some of these styles.

Parody – A parody imitates something or someone’s style in an entertaining way.

Humor of etiquette – It makes fun of the weaknesses of people who use sarcasm, sarcasm, hypocrisy and sarcasm.

Romantic Comedy – Romantic comedy based on the theme of love; It mostly consists of a story of two lovers, who reunite at the end.

Black Comedy – Black comedy deals with serious topics like death, terrorism, war, rape, drugs, etc.

Fares – Fares is a form of low comedy that uses exaggerated actions, characters, and absurd situations.

Difference between Satire and Humor


Sarcasm is the use of humor, intelligence, irony, exaggeration, or derision to expose and criticize people’s fallies or visions.

The comedy is a performance of a mild and comical character with a pleasant or cheerful ending


The purpose of satire is to expose and criticize the goons of society.

There can be no other goal than to create laughter in comedy.

Mutual relation

Satire can be used in comedy.

Humor can use satire to make laughter.

High comedy

Satire is a form of high humor.


Satire uses wit, irony, exaggeration or derision.

Humor can use slap, deceit, irony, intelligence, satire etc.

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