Australian Pink Diamonds

The world’s Most Expensive Diamond ” Australian Pink Diamonds “

More recently, in all media strongly discussed the sale with Sotheby’s auction of the most expensive in the world of Australian pink diamonds, what we call “pink diamond”. The incident caused a stormy public protest. Of course, it is very curious to know what kind of calculation costs 83 million dollars?


Pink diamonds are rare among these gems and you can find it rarer from Argyle Diamond Investments. Scientists around the world today cannot find a logical explanation because of their fantastic colors. And let the bright “rose star”: Very young stone (its history dates back to the 21st century), which is already ranked among the honorable “brothers” first place. The reason for this is the uniqueness of the gem.

The Unique Pink Diamonds

The most common stones of unusual colors were always yellow and blue. The demand for pink diamonds due to their attractive and romantic feelings that occur in humans when they form.

Gemologist, for example, it is known that yellow stones get their color due to the gold content of impurities. The blue color formed due to the presence of boron in the diamond. But with pink diamonds, it is not so simple – that no specific chemical impurities appear, and you can find it more rate from Argyle Diamond Investments. Although true to this hypothesis is not proven, they remain the most expensive in the world of diamonds.

Despite the fact that many mines are looking for pink diamonds, their number is very small – only a few units per year, and in most cases – small size. The main production of high quality, large diamonds produced at the Australian pink diamonds is part of the giant industrial structure RioTinto.

Sale of the largest and most beautiful specimens with mine Argaylskogo takes place in an exclusive contest, where the company annually puts around 50 stones.

The Characteristics of the Pink Diamond Stone

Largest Pink diamond is 2, 69/2, 06 cm with a weight of 59 carats 6 (or approximately 12 grams), which has an oval cut. It is known that before the treatment Pink Star weighed 132 5 carats.

In order to put in its valuable acquisition potential for further growth in value, the owner gave it a new name – Pink Dream. It is likely that soon the stone will be a history of record sales, and perhaps this time the auction will begin with an initial level of 90 million dollars.

The purchase of these “large” Pink Dimond stones – first, profitable investment for their owners. But as you know, diamonds – that is the best sausage of exquisite jewelry. It would be unfair not to talk about the most expensive and interesting.

Another representative jewelry of exquisite pink color, called “Perfect Pink Diamond” is a rectangular diamond with a weight of more than 14 carats. It was bought by the buyer at the secret auction for the Hong Kong 23 “Christie” $ 2 million and to date, it is the most expensive diamond state ever sold in Asia.

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