Tips for getting false eyelashes done right!

Let’s agree on the fact that just putting on some makeup doesn’t always justify the look women actually want. There are some accessories that help to pull out your finest look like false eyelashes, hair extensions, and a lot more. Now here arise a few questions in case of false eyelashes. How to apply fake lashes? And what are the dos and don’ts? These are some pretty common questions that women who are the first-timers at this come across. Read on to learn how to apply fake lashes step by step!
Before moving on, can’t emphasize more on the fact that always, always be careful while picking up false eyelashes and also the quality of glue because you really don’t want to mess with your eyes. Low-quality glue can lead to irritability, allergy, or redness to the eyes.

How to apply fake lashes?

Choosing your eyelashes is also an important part here. All eyelashes fit with all types of eyes but if you know your eye shape then it can help you well. Here are a few easy steps to help you do your lashes perfectly and amazingly!

1.Apply liner

Before starting up with the process, apply liner. This will hide the base of the artificial ones, plus help them look great.  Also, you can also opt for using mascara on your natural lashes to make your lashes all clean and thick.

  1. Remove lashes out of the box

Removing your lashes out of the box is no easy job. You need to be very gentle with them because a little carelessness can damage them. Try using a pair of tweezers to pull them out safely.

  1. Prepare it and glue it

Measure the lashes according to the size of your eyes and trim off the extra part.

Now comes the messiest and chaotic work i.e. applying the glue. Dot a thin layer on the vein of the lashes and let it rest for a few seconds.

  1. Wear them

Don’t panic while wearing them. Just start from the inner side of the corner and once you’re done press them gently. Give them a rest for 15-30 seconds. Don’t hurry, the wait is worth it.

Later on, you can curl them up with the help of an eye curler and also apply liner to them.

Useful Tips:-

  1. Do’s
  • The most, most important thing is ‘Knowing your product’. You must be very careful while selecting the eyelashes. Do your research, ask out about all your doubts and confusion. Especially when you’re doing this for the very first time, it is always better to look for someone who specializes in the trick.
  • No doubt, these falsies are lifesavers! But always take care of your natural lashes. Drink lots of water or try using best-quality products to help them grow naturally.
  • Use fake lashes occasionally.
  • If you’re using reusable ones, then clean them after every use.
  • Completely remove the glue after removing the eyelashes.
  1. Don’ts
  • Don’t use oily products near your eyes,
  • Never apply the glue directly to the eyes.
  • Avoid touching after wearing them.
  • Don’t wet your lashes for the next 24 hours after getting them done. They will blend well with the natural lashes if you keep them dry for that amount of time.

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