Tips on How to Finish a Date

It is only human to want to be in a relationship. It is natural for a man to be attracted to a woman and a woman to a man. A relationship is a significant commitment and you need to be sure that the person you are getting into it with is the one you want. Getting to know someone starts with a small step, and this step is called dating. It is where the two get together and talk about each other’s likes and dislikes and share their ideas on different topics.

You also get to observe the behaviour of your date and know whether they are fit to be your partner. How you end your date determines the next step. Having enjoyed your date, you should know how to finalize it so that it can grow into something bigger. Here are some tips on how to end your date.

Set a Time to End the Date

It is essential to plan and know what time your date will end. This time should be the perfect time for your partner, not too late or early. When you plan for this, it is also easy to know what activities you can do within the time you have for the date. Keeping time is just as important as setting it. It shows that you keep your word and portrays you as a good and responsible person. It also gives you time to prepare for how you shall end the date. Failure to do this can make you delay your partner for other plans that they might have had and you would not want to upset them.


If the date was successful, you should be thankful. Many dates go wrong because people have differences. If you found someone that is perfect for you, you should start by thanking them for availing themselves. Sometimes you may set a date and the person fails to show up because of many possible reasons.

Therefore, you should thank them for setting their other plans aside to meet with you. You should also appreciate them for making it successful. This shows that you do not take your partner for granted, even if you met on one of the best hookup apps. When someone feels appreciated, they are encouraged to do it again.

Set Another Date

To show that you enjoyed your date, you should ask your partner if they would be interested in another. This will help your partner know that they were good for you and you would like to get to know them better. If you forget this bit, then your partner may feel unappreciated and it would send the impression that you do not like them. You should set another date to show that you are interested in your partner.

Say Your Goodbyes

This is a crucial step in ending your date. It will help if you say your goodbye in a manner that will let your partner know that you will like to see them again. A handshake or hug is an ideal way to say that.


If you are lucky, you may get a kiss, but you should not push for it. Some people are not comfortable with it after the first date and it may offend them. Be respectful of what your partner likes and make it a nice and respectful goodbye.

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