Pellet gun is mostly used for various applications such as hunting small game and pests to shooting target and you can also use shooting air rifle for these work ; this is the most powerful solution for your shooting with accuracy.  

Two types of pellet pistol in the market such as spring powered air pistol it’s powered from a coil spring and it’s available in the moderate range and Co2 powered air pistol it is a multi-shot pistol it uses CO2 bulbs in the gun. 


1. Umarex Colt peacemaker

This model is easy to use it has shoot .177 caliber steel BBS with 60round capacity, Umarex Colt peacemaker is an affordable and very reliable colt peacemaker.

It’s come with constant front and rear sights give the more accurate firing, it is a lightweight model with 450FPS velocity that’s making a more powerful and accurate pistol in the market.  


  • Shell loading design 
  • Hammer and trigger action 
  • Longer barrel is unique 


  • Lack of features

2. Crossman Vigilante 357 Co2 pistol

Is a semi-automatic pellet pistol and BB gun or single and double action with 10 extra shot pellet clip as well as 6 shot bb clip added, every part of gun is made f metal only pellet clip and BB clip made of plastic. 


  • Faster than other
  • Good quality
  • Excellent fit  


  • No accuracy

3. Crossman P1377 American classic multi-pump

Crossman P1377 is also called “American classic” pellet pistol, it is mostly suitable for beginners with basic training; it is very easily cocked and load it can shoot up to 600 feet per second.

Crossman P1377 American classic multi-pump is rear sight is adjustable with the help of screw and moves the sight in the direction you want.  


  • This is a super accurate model
  • Grate quality pellet pistol 
  • User-friendly design 


  • No plastic BBs 

4. H and K P30 with metal slide pistol

H and K P30 with metal slide pistol is a replica of H&K. it is a spring soft pistol with metal slide and it’s come with an inbuilt hop-up system that helps to a longer time between reloading.

  H and K P30 with metal slide pistol most important feature is an extended life trigger system that’s help to enhance its performance and speedup. 


  • Good quality pellet pistol 
  • It’s come with great grip
  • In-built hop-up system.
  • User-friendly and good for beginners   


  • High Costly 

5. Daisy Power line 340 BB Spring Pistol 

This is one of the most strong or powerful pellet pistol in the market, its most valuable feature is a 200 shot reservoir with a 13 shot load clip. 

Daisy Power line 340 BB Spring Pistol is suitable for beginners and practice as well as its good for children’s and adult of 16 ages and above, it’s mostly used for fun shooting it gives the best result with basic training.    


  • It has very easy to use magazine  
  • Extremely affordable pellet pistol
  • It’s good for beginners
  • It shoots more accurately  


  • To Big 


Various type of pellet gun are available in the market with various feature and functionality,  Selecting a good pellet pistol is easy when you know about which type of pellet pistol and how to treat it; each pellet pistol has some advantages and disadvantage so, all pellet guns are best. 

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