Top Google Cloud Certifications For 2019

Top Google Cloud Certifications For 2019

Given Google’s huge market acknowledgment and mindshare, it might come as something of an amazement to discover that it isn’t the market chief provider in cloud administrations and solutions. Truth be told, Google didn’t make it to Forbes’ 2017 rundown of The Top 5 Cloud Computing Vendors. All things considered, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is an individual from the best five such platforms, alongside Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, which routinely swap among first and runner up.

Given this, Google has ground-breaking motivators to make and get behind an intense and well-respected certification program for the Google Cloud Platform. Google’s efforts in the course of the last a few years are beginning to pay back a few profits.

The Google Cloud Platform or GCP is a possibly late candidate in the domain of cloud computing yet it has completely changed the overall public cloud scene over the latest couple of years, particularly the syndication of AWS in cloud market is challenged. It’s so far neither the most notable open cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services, nor the dear of corporate world like Microsoft Azure. Tools like BigQuery, Bigtable, Maven App engine plugin and libraries like Caffe and TensorFlow are helping Google Cloud Platform to quickly transform into the go-to platform for Machine learning improvements. In perspective on all these, there is an extended enthusiasm for Cloud pros who think about Google Cloud Platform basic concepts.

This reputation of Google Cloud Platform and insufficiency of skilled GCP experts infers its optimal time to breeze through Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Platform, especially in case you are planning to help your career in the cloud space.

Why get certifiedinGoogle Cloud?

Cloud certifications are an incredible route to show your abilities to the bigger IT recruiters. In addition to the fact that it validates your cloud aptitudes and experience to hiring specialists, it exhibits your incentive to your potential boss. Getting guaranteed can open up chances to advance inside your organization and could aid in the following audit of your pay bundle. For instance, the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification appeared at no. 1for the top-paying certifications in the 2019.

Over that at present, Google is right now offering $300 free credit which implies there won’t be a superior time to learn Google Cloud Platform than now. All in all, how do we know which certification is high in demand these days? Let’s take a look at the top 4 Google cloud certifications for 2019:


  • GCP: Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide

Requirements: Basic knowledgein technology domain (preferablyHadoop) is enough.

This is outstanding amongst other online course to become familiar with the basics of Google Cloud and Big Data just as to pass the Google Data Engineer and Google Cloud Experts Certification test.

This certification won’t just find out about GCP essentials like Compute Engine and App Engine yet additionally relevant to their Machine learning and Big Data tools like TensorFlow ,DataProc,BigQuery,Datalab , Bigtable,and Hadoop groups.

This course is suggested for novices who needs to find out about Google Cloud Platforms just as individuals who need to get ready for Google Data Engineer and Google Cloud expert platform.

  • Google Cloud Platform Architect


To make the test, you must have a year or a more noteworthy measure of inclusion with working Cloud applications using Google developments.

The Google certifications as for Cloud are expected for those professionals who need to show their capacities and data in Google Cloud architect and technologies. This certification is exceptionally contrasted with other Cloud confirmations offered by Google. It affirms the professionals’ specific aptitudes and capacity as a Cloud expert.

It is away for the new comers with the data on Google architect and Cloud platform. The individuals with the certification are gifted in arranging, managing, and making robust, secure, and adaptable game plans on Google Cloud. The candidates are required to complete the test in order to pick up the certification.


  • Introduction to Google Cloud By Lynn Langit

Requirements: No formal requirements

This is outstanding amongst other beginners’ certification on Google Cloud Platform or GCP for developers and individuals who need to shiftto the Google cloud platform. In this course, Google Developer Expert Lynn Langit acquaints you with Google’s Cloud technology and gives an outline of what is conceivable with Google clouds.

Before the finish of the course, you’ll know and comprehend about fundamental Google cloud services like Cloud Spanner, Google Compute Engine, Cloud Armour, Cloud CDN and more into your association.

Information on Google cloud isn’t required, yet a ton will be conferred. This course is crucial for engineers and business leaders and is noteworthy for administrators also.

  • Google Professional Cloud Developer

Requirements:A fundamental comprehension of general systems administration concepts, cloud computing, and multi-tierarchitectural design

The Professional Cloud Developer (PCD) is perfect for competitors who use Google services, devices and prescribed practices to configuration, assemble, test, and send exceptionally accessible and adaptable applications. Applicants should have what it takes important to effectively coordinate GCP services and lead application performance monitoring. While not secured on the test, applicants should have the option to effectively utilize Stackdriver to troubleshoot, track code, debug code and measure metrics carefully. Hands-on skill in one of the general programming language is likewise suggested.

When you’ll visit the certification page on their website, applicants will discover connections to a test framework and test sample contextual investigations to help plan for the test. Prescribed training incorporates the GCP Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure course and the Developing Applications with Google’s Cloud Platform. Different questswill be available on appdevelopment for Java or Python and other core technologies, for example, Kubernetes solution,Stackdriver, Google Cloud Solutions: Scaling Your Infrastructure, etc are likewise suggested.


And with this, we conclude our article. Choosing and going for any of the above google cloud certifications online can help you pave your way to success in cloud computing.Enrol now and take cloud computing classes online for any of these certifications to ensure the success.

We wish you good luck in your future endeavours!

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