Uninterrupted Power Supply through Ups

UPS stands for an uninterruptible power system. It is also called a backup power system that provides power to the electrical equipment. This backup power system is needed when the main power shuts down for some time. The power backup system helps to prevent the loss of data and lessen the stress upon the equipment due to the sudden shutdown of the main power. These power-ups also save electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations. The voltage fluctuation can harm the equipment. In other words, they help in increasing the lifespan and performance of electrical equipment.

 How does the uninterruptible power system work?

At the time of the shutdown of main power, the UPS switches immediately over to the power of battery that provides continuous power supply to the equipment. The life of the battery varies and depends on how much power equipment uses to carry out its function.

In order to buy UPS for home, the owner should keep in mind the types of power supply

  1. Surge- a short but intense increase in power supply due to lightning is called a surge. Surges can harm your equipment and an increase in voltages and currents can harm circuit boards and related components.
  2. Blackout- this problem arises when there is a fail in power supply due to severe weather conditions, power shortage, accidents, and failures in Power Grid.
  3. Brownout- the drop in voltage induced by the power companies for a longer period to avoid a total blackout.
  4. Voltage sags- this is also a type of reducing voltage supply but for a brief interval of time.
  5. Overvoltage- the incoming voltage is higher than the normal voltage.
  6. Frequency noise- this interrupts or degrades the performance of the circuit.
  7. Frequency variation- due to the use of generators when power frequency increases from the normal value.


 How big the home UPS should be?

When you buy home UPS online the size should be considered according to the requirement.

UPS should be large enough to help in the functioning of all the electrical equipment plugged into it. For this, you need to be well acquainted with the capacity of UPS. The capacitor is defined as the power of UPS provided to the pieces of equipment plugged into it. The higher capacity of UPS tomorrow is its efficiency to support the pieces of equipment. Then a person should calculate the load that is the amount of power each equipment uses for proper functioning. This list of equipment is made, with the total number of watts required to run the pieces of equipment.

The time required for running particular equipment when there is a power failure.

This is the next step when you calculate the power of the battery when the main power fails. For this runtime, a determination is very necessary. Runtime is the time interval the UPS could run the attached devices efficiently during a power failure. The smaller the wattage load connected to the UPS system the longer will batteries last.


How your home UPS look like- UPS does is classified into three main types according to their look

  1. Desktop or compact UPS
  2. Tower or mini-tower UPS
  3. Rack mount UPS

The devices are supplied with electricity in the form of a sine wave alternating current. In normal mode, UPS passes seamless sine wave alternating current to devices that are connected to it. UPS when switched to battery mode then produces simulated sine waves

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