Useful Maintenance Tips for Your Bread Toaster

If you want a simple and tasty breakfast, a pop-up toaster can make your life easy. A few minutes of waiting time and you can have hot crispy toasts with butter, jam, cheese, chocolate spread or anything else of your choice. You can also prepare an egg omelette and stuff it between two slices of toasted bread. The topping or filling varieties that you can get to try with bread toasts are endless and you would never get bored of eating bread toasts with the same toppings or fillings every day. A toast is a versatile companion to a variety of toppings and it is tasty too.

But this is not all about the toasts. It is about the toaster. If the bread toaster does not work properly, you will not be able to get the toast the way you like it. To make sure that this does not happen, you need to maintain it with just a little bit of effort. Of course, regular maintenance is a crucial part of any appliance that you own. Here is a list of things that you can do to keep it working well. 

Keep It Clean

Giving it a good cleaning at least once every month can make it last long without malfunctioning.If you can find time to clean it after every use, it’s even better, though it’s not mandatory. Use a fairly open surface to carry out the cleaning process. Before starting the cleaning process, keep the cleaning items such as non-abrasive liquid cleaner, a cleaning brush, a sponge and a soft cloth or tissue at hand. Start by unplugging the toaster from the socket and let it cool down completely. 

After every use, let the exterior cool down and wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in washing liquid. Wipe it down with a wet cloth and then dry it. It is now ready to rest until you want some fresh toast. Don’t immerse the appliance in any liquid or water or rinse it under tap water. Also, make sure not to use it in a dishwasher. 

The Crumb Tray

Remove the crumb tray. Some bread toasters have a completely removable one, while others have a hinged-on tray that just allows the crumbs to fall out. In either case, clean out all the crumbs from the tray. If the tray is removable, you can even wash and dry it.  For an attached one, you can use a brush to clean it out. When it comes to cleaning, removable crumb trays are much better due to the ease of cleaning. 

Inside the Toaster

There will be crumbs stuck inside the bread toaster as well. You can gently shake the toaster to allow the crumbs to fall out of the appliance. Use a small brush to remove the ones stuck inside on the wires and the inner walls. Make sure you clean both sides of each slot. This must be taken care of along with the cleaning of the crumb tray. 

Don’t Let the Bread Get Stuck

Sometimes the bread might be soft and get lodged inside the toaster. When that happens, it could get stuck inside and will not pop out easily. If left for long, the residue heat of the toaster could burn it. To remove the stuck bread, switch off the toaster, unplug it and remove the bread. 

Don’t Let the Toast Burn

The settings of the toaster should be set right to give you the perfect toast. Make use of the cancel button if you think your bread is getting over-cooked. A burnt toast will lead to more crumbs in your toaster. Make sure that you remove the crumbs from the toaster at least once a week or they will continue to get toasted inside and this also could lead to burnt toast.

By following these tips, you will be able to find the best sandwich maker in India take good care of your toaster and keep it in good working condition. If the appliance fails to work for some reason, don’t try to repair it on your own. Get it serviced from an authorised service centre. With proper maintenance, the pop-up toaster will have a longer lifespan without any issues.


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