cocktail attire for men

What is Cocktail Attire for Men

Appearing at the junction of the twenties and thirties, the “cocktail” outfit became a dress code designed for semi-formal events. Born at the intersection of carefree “weekend” images and formal evening traditionalism, the “cocktail” image is a dress code that is easily improved by incorporating undemanding “classic” elements.

This outfit should always be balanced, implying an exquisite look into the past along with an understanding of fashion trends. Maintaining a balance between formal and casual aesthetics should not be too complicated, and the basic elements needed for a cocktail look can be successfully adapted to various other outfits.

Cocktail clothes should not be too formal, in the spirit of the “black dress code” but – a little more sophisticated than usual. Balancing between traditionalist aesthetics and modern trends, you improve your own “cocktail” onion. Pay tribute to the classic shades of the traditional cocktail look, but do not forget to bring a revitalizing note of modernity – new prints and fabrics. What things are included in the cocktail attire for men? Mentioned are some main features for this.


A well-chosen suit with great adaptive potential or a semi-formal blazer in combination with trousers that can complement the “cocktail” outfit. Darker costumes are a traditional choice when it comes to a cocktail look, stick with light colors a la “cobalt dark” or “dark gray”. The blazer should be tight-fitting, freshly modern type, and trousers must certainly cover the upper part of the shoe.

Paying tribute to the “transitional” everyday outfits, adapt the cocktail look to what you are accustomed to wearing “to the parade” most often. And remember – a good accessory means a lot! Having picked up accessories wisely, you will look even more impressive.


A shirt is an indispensable element of a good cocktail look, especially if it is made in white or pale blue. Nevertheless, modern, brighter patterned designs with non-standard buttons can give you a special chic, if only you do not step into the territory of floppiness.

Do not be afraid to compliment the look with a bold patterned shirt – a traditional foundation plus an unusual approach. Add additional shades to your costume, making sure that they look presentable with a “general” look at you and, most importantly, do not conflict with each other.


For semi-formal events, the absence of a tie, coupled with a couple of unfastened buttons, is a popular approach (which is not surprising, given how little effort it requires). But a tie, in fact, can add depth to your look. Try to choose a textured tie – knitted or silk, but with a more modern texture. Do not be afraid to include brighter colors – interspersed with red or green modern shades are not something tasteless or unacceptable.


As with all men’s outfits, great shoes should not be underestimated or overlooked in the end. Time is not dominant over the traditional “Oxford” leather solution – and, as a rule, it is best suited for creating a cocktail look. A small game with textures is permissible – for example, a small perforation. You can also take note of the lowers if the event is less formal, but their color scheme should not leave the classic range of brown, dark blue and black.


When choosing a suitable strap for a cocktail costume, stick to the classics. Invest in more expensive belts – remember, they will last you many years and withstand countless socks. Adhering to the “classics”, rely on quality material and a simple form. Would you like to dilute with “modern”? Look around for more original content. Although leather and suede are the surest choices. They are resistant to the hardships of modern life … well, that is, they can be worn for years.


For a classic look that never gets old, pocket scarves fit exceptionally well – adding some traditional depth and gentlemanly sensuality to your look. A scarf is a great opportunity for self-expression in the formation of a “cocktail” image, so be creative and choose an interesting color and print. Perfectly approaching as a finishing touch to a carefully selected look especially for you, the scarf will provide gloss and sophistication to any look, emphasizing once again the uniqueness and personal style.

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