Why do automated parking systems outweigh the conventional ones?

What is a Parking system?

The automated car parking system is a mechanical system designed to park cars in the minimum space. Also, it provides more stacking of vehicles just like a  multi-story garage but with less use of land!  There is no need for drivers when it comes to automated car parking systems. However, the parking system is not automated from the very beginning. The automated system came into being long after the use of the conventional parking systems for a long time!  The parking system has been available since the introduction of automobiles. And today also, the traditional system of parking still exists. However, slowly and gradually with technologies emerging day by day, many companies are now providing the parking systems facilities or services to its customers.

You can now easily find many renowned companies who are readily providing valet parking solutions, self-parking payments systems to their customers. One such example is CVPS-ARIA, where they offer high-end solutions to its customers in terms of self-payment parking. On the other hand, conventional parking is still available in homes and offices. The entries and exits are smooth in traditional parking systems as there are separate parking spaces for the cars. This system involves the garages that are free of any automated systems. The drivers have to look for space and park their vehicles accordingly.

What is better? Automated/Modern or conventional car parking system?

Conventional cat parking systems are available round the clock. However, this system has limited space for cars and motorcycles, but many still use the traditional system of parking in today’s world too. The only thing that is at risk is the safety. However, many car protection strategies are being provided. This is done by assigning lots to specific individuals. Furthermore, the conventional system is no longer considered to be sustainable as with the traffic and increase in the number of vehicles one possesses, there is a growing scarcity of land day by day!

This is where automated or modern car parking systems come and fill the space correctly. It is sustainable, manageable, and requires less space for parking. There are many known companies which are providing different parking solutions to residential areas and commercial areas. CVPS also offers solutions such as Aria Series One that combines the well-established CVPS software backed by Amano McGann. Companies like these provide parking solutions to the customers to bring low-cost parking management solutions to the market. The automated car parking systems require less area and remove the driver out of the equations. The modern system of car parking follows an order to release and park cars. The parking lots are made up of metals that can easily withstand the pressure and tension, and the driver does not have to do anything. All they have to do is bring the car at an entry point, after which the whole system performs the function itself. Not only is the parking system automated, but the payment systems are also now available via mobile or bank transfers. It is making the lives of the users of cars more comfortable day by day by providing convenient solutions to them. Conventional car pairing systems require the drivers to do everything on their own, whereas the automated car parking system just needs the driver to come to the entry point, after which the system does the whole work.


The modern car parking systems win the race in every way! Conventional parking systems require a lot of space. Also, the search for space can become stressful for drivers. On the other hand, automated car parking systems are efficient, convenient, clean, safe, and maximizes the available spaces for parking.  The automatic or modern car parking systems require 7% less area to park the same number of cars as in the conventional parking system.

Furthermore, the less area required by the automated car parking systems allows the vacant spaces to be used for more parking lots or even recreational centers. In the modern parking systems, the distance between cars is also very less as there is no need to drive the car into the parking spaces. It is all done automatically. Not only that, but the automated car parking systems also don’t need lanes, walkways, elevators, or escalators. These all factors add up to optimizations of space and reduction of volume.

Moreover, to build conventional car parking systems, one needs to spend massive capital. Whereas, the automated car parking systems can be designed and built on half the amount of money required for conventional car parking spaces. Thus, the car parking spots are made in a cheaper yet modern way when it comes to automated car parking systems.  The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of automatic car parking systems are one of the primary reasons for it to be popular these days.

The conventional car parking systems are now losing their appeal because of the rising prices of land. One may find the traditional car parking systems reliable and straightforward, but the cost it requires outweighs the benefits it provides. Consequently., the automated car parking systems are the popular systems of parking the car these days. It is conveniently accessible and cost-effective for the market people to install the systems into their businesses. The smart parking apps and the software that is available for automated car parking are becoming the norm, and everyone is looking for further development in the systems to make it more convenient and reliable. The new self-parking and valet parking solutions are making the car parking systems easier day by day. One can easily just depend on applications and look for space to park their cars. Not only that, the customers now have only to have a mobile to pay for the parking fee. This makes automated car parking systems gain more attention and be more popular with the passing days. With emerging technology, everyone is now relying on automatic car parking systems to have a less stressful parking experience.


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