Why Goa Becomes the Best Place for Medical Tourism?

Goa is one of the few states in India conclusively investing towards enhancing their reputation as a medical tourism hub. The Health Minister of Goa mentioned adopting periodical plans of one year, three years, and five years to achieve its objective of becoming a leading centre for health tourism in the coming years.

Medical tourism in India has seen considerable growth in India. It currently boasts of a 20% market share globally in terms of health tourism. Additionally, India witnessed a 25% growth in the number of foreigners flocking to India for medical treatments in the last year.

Authorities are hopeful regarding the growth of Goa’s medical tourism sector as well, provided it is already a major tourist attraction.

Why is Goa ideal to set up the medical practice?

The authorities in Goa are making extensive efforts to improve the healthcare infrastructure of the state. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of treatment in the country influences a greater influx of tourists who pursue cheap medical treatment, even from developed countries. New medical facilities with state-of-the-art equipment are opening in different parts of Goa, and it is an ideal period to set up your practice in that state.

Here are some other reasons why you should consider investing to start your medical practice in Goa – 


  • Demography: Goa has one of the most diverse demographics in India. There are many foreigners who have permanently settled in the state. Additionally, patients from nearby states such as Maharashtra and Karnataka visit Goa every year to avail medical facilities.
  • Ease in communication: Due to its diverse culture, a large section of the Goa populace can easily communicate in English. Furthermore, a large number of tourists in Goa speak in English which makes it convenient to communicate. Thereby, it would be easier to establish medical practice in Goa without facing many semantic difficulties. You can consider following a doctor’s guide to medical tourism to receive a proper idea of how to bolster your practice.
  • Favourable climate: Apart from the beaches, another reason why medical tourists flock to the state is due to its favourable climate. The climate in Goa is pleasant throughout the year, which makes it a convenient location for patients from other nations.
  • Convenient logistics: As it is a small state and well-connected in terms of transportation, the logistical costs are considerably cheaper.
  • Advanced infrastructure: Goa sees a sizeable number of tourists every year, especially from developed countries. Thereby, the government and other medical authorities strive to keep up with international standards of health care; the state-of-the-art healthcare programmes promoted by the state authorities also help the medical institutions to flourish and support the ambition of the government.


India has a rich heritage of alternative treatment measures such as Ayurveda which contributes significantly to the importance of medical tourism in India. These measures are widely popular across the globe and attract a large number of medical tourists every year.

Additionally, India is the second-largest English speaking country in the world which further facilitates medical tourism in India.

You can tap into the diverse medical needs of wide demography by starting your medical practice in Goa. It will allow you to create a niche while the market is still in its growing years. You can avail a loan for doctors to facilitate the expenses associated with opening a medical institution.

Reputed financial institutions also provide pre-approved offers on loans which make the loaning procedure faster and easier. These offers are available on diverse financial products such as a doctor’s loan, personal loan, home loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offers by submitting only on your name and phone number. 

In case you already have a clinic in Goa, you might consider upgrading to the latest equipment to stay in competitive terms with other facilities, given Goa’s upscaling health sector. You can also decide to upgrade from a clinic to a polyclinic for which you can consider a step-by-step guide from clinic to polyclinic to gain a better idea and put your best foot forward in the growing medical tourism in India.

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