Workplace Harassment in the Dawn of the #MeToo Movement

Workplace Harassment in the Dawn of the #MeToo Movement

If you ask any HR services professional, he or she will tell you that many offices and companies in most countries still experience problems related to sexual harassment.

In the dawn of the #MeToo movement, many victims of harassment have set their feet forward to get the justice they truly deserve and to put an end to a misogynistic status quo.

The reality is that many women and in some cases even men fall victim to the crooked doings of sexual harassers. While there are many laws that are in effect, many harassers could care less.

This is why it is important for any company to have a solid guideline and policy as far as workplace harassment is concerned.

Yes, these policies will not work if all the employees will cooperate and take part; however, such notices will serve as the anchor of morale in the company.

United Kingdom employees enjoy protection from hostile working environment through various laws.

However, despite the rights provided by these laws, workplace harassment as are result of sexual harassment still occurs because some employees are not equipped with proper legal knowledge that can they use against their harassers.

Incidentally, it is a must for all United Kingdom employees to familiarize themselves with their employment rights to avoid being subjected to hostile workplace.

Records suggest that sexual harassment and discrimination cases are recorded each year are still rampant. The prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace is indeed a major problem in many labor sectors of the country, including in United Kingdom.

In such situation, it is imperative for United Kingdom employees to know their basic rights against harassment to successfully claim for a lawsuit in case they get subjected to such discriminatory action.

In the world of employment, there are two distinct types of sexual harassment and discrimination, and these are:

Quip pro quo harassment – This happens when a worker is forced to allow sexual advances in exchange for job security, higher salary, promotion, and other related favors.

Hostile working environment harassment – This happens when a worker’s job performance is affected due to derogatory sex-based comments, sexist jokes and remarks, and other actions that tend to discriminate against a particular sex group.

United Kingdom employees who were subjected either to quid pro quo or hostile workplace harassment should act to the situation accordingly and appropriately. The following are suggested steps for harassed employees:

  • Inform the harasser that the act or conduct is not welcome and must be stopped right away
  • Use the company’s policy on how to address instances of sexual harassment
  • File a complaint with the company’s HR services department
  • If the issue is not resolved using company’s internal conflict solutions, the harasser is advised to file a sex discrimination charge with the authorities

Sexually harassed employees are likewise suggested to consult with an experienced and reputable harassment lawyer. Their lawyer can assist them in filing a sexual harassment charge with the labor department.

Furthermore, their attorney can help them in claiming for damages from the liable party, which can help amend the pain and suffering they experienced.

Being on the receiving end of a sexual harassment is no joke. You can get traumatized and you can make wrong decisions in life. This is why it is important for victims to talk to someone they trust and share their stories.

It is likewise crucial to tell the HR department and the authorities who are handling such sensitive cases. Eradicating harassment in the workplace completely may seem like a long stretch but when collective effort is made, there will surely be distinct and valuable progress.

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