15 Latest Bengali Wedding Trends for 2020

Bengali wedding photography trends of 2020 has become a dynamic affair in recent times. There has been a recent hype among brides and grooms to organize such events. Be it traditional or candid wedding photography, photographers have the option of using various trends, themes, and ideas. Here are some of the latest Bengali wedding photography trends.

  1. Proposal photography

This is a somewhat uncommon shot and is usually taken as a pre-wedding shoot of the couple. This includes the intimate moments of the couple proposing to each other with rings, flowers gifts, and other precious gifts.

  1. Dress up shots of the bride and the groom

The primary shot of the couple’s wedding starts with shots of their dress, makeup, hair and other essential things. Getting these glammed-up pictures clicked is a great shot to begin the course of bengali wedding photography.

  1. Selfie shots

Try to get beautiful selfie shots in a group or single. Gather ideas to capture your selfies using similar props. Make them as beautiful as possible.

  1. 4. Share them frame with your buddies

What could be more special than sharing the frame with your bffs on your special day! Be either hilarious or pose weirdly using different props making the occasion memorable.

  1. Backlit photography

This is the most prominent shot and is loved by all. It highlights the bride and the groom amidst all the shedding light from the surroundings and ending up getting an amazing shot.

  1. Bokeh

Clicked in an out focus manner it is known as the blurred shot which highlights the subject through the blurred background. This helps the subject to be recognized in the blurred shot.

  1. Overhead shot photography

Also known as the overview or aerial shot. It covers the photography stills from the top or overhead of the couple.

  1. Unplugged wedding ceremonies

Couples want their wedding photographers to capture their guests’ reactions and not on their iPhones or androids. It is requested for the guests to not use their phones or cameras during the wedding ceremony. You are supposed to enjoy the ceremony and not get busy in clicking selfies.

 Drone wedding photography

While in many cities like the US or Canada the use of drones are strictly restricted. Cities, where drones can be legally used, are perfect with dramatic drone shots.

  1. Teasers

Next day teasers are also something couples are desiring in recent times. It is something like 10-20 edited wedding pictures which the couples can share on social media and tops the service in the list.

  1. Prepare photo & selfie booth

Prepare a separate photo booth and selfie booth for people arriving at the party with some special social media-friendly background.

  1. Smoke bombs

Take snapshots of the bride and groom with smoke bombs swirling around in colors created by using colored smoke bombs. Getting some amazing pre-wedding shots.

  1. Shoot in an editorial format

Capture couples like you would have for any magazine. Like things are coming straight out of a magazine.

  1. Miniature photography shoot

Miniature pre-wedding photography shoot is in trend for couples who want a larger than life pre-wedding shoot.

  1. Pets are the best

Get your pets involved in your bengali wedding photography shots in innovative ideas and cherish them forever.

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