30 details to pay attention to during the wedding! Super practical!

30 details to pay attention to during the wedding! If it is done, the state of the entire wedding will be more perfect!

  Admission preparation

  1. Before the ceremony, the groom and the bride will leave their belongings with someone for safekeeping

If you carry items such as mobile phones with you, it will not only cause distraction but also affect the appearance.

  1. In the first three minutes of the ceremony, a person will be responsible for holding the door of the banquet hall

Newcomers are entering the venue. If late guests arrive at this time, guests should be invited to wait for a while. Because opening the door will affect the concentration atmosphere of admission.

  Admission for newcomers

  1. Don’t enter as soon as the music sounds, wait 15 to 30 seconds

To give guests a certain amount of preparation time, when the guests’ eyes are focused on you, you can enter the venue.

  1. The bride’s right hand carries the groom’s left arm, the two keep a distance of about 15cm

When the couple walks, the pace should be slow and consistent, and the bride should follow the groom about half a step.

  1. Look forward, look natural, don’t look around

The bride should not always look at the skirt, the groom cannot look around, and must show the confidence and elegance that the new couple should have.

  1. The bridesmaid arranges the skirt for the bride in time

It is inconvenient for the bride to walk alone when wearing a wedding dress, especially with long tails, so the bridesmaid should help the bride to arrange the skirt when appropriate.

  1. To prevent stepping on the wedding dress, kick out with your toes while walking

The posture of walking must be beautiful, even if you accidentally step on the wedding dress, you must adjust it casually. After all, the focus of the audience today is you.

  1. It is not advisable to raise too high when using a portable wedding dress, do not show your toes and do not show your sexy nighties

When the bride walks by dragging the skirt herself, the most beautiful action is to gently lift the front middle of the skirt or to lift the sides of the wedding dress with both hands, but do not raise it too high, so as not to affect walking and not toe.No need to reveal wedding shoes. Even if it’s glitter shoes

  1. Little flower girl should not lead the way to spread petals in front of the couple

It is a good thing to be able to find two little flower girls to lead the way and spread the petals when entering the field. When you leave, you don’t scatter.

So it ’s not a good idea to suggest that little flower girls do n’t sprinkle petals, let them hold hands and take fairy sticks to lead the way in front of the couple? !

 Perfect stance

  1. After the newcomer is on stage, the groom should hold the bride’s hand

On the day of the wedding, you can say that it is the strongest IP in the universe. In addition to holding hands together, is there a better way of love?

  1. When the couple is standing, the groom should be on the bride’s right

This is probably derived from the tradition of ancient Europe. It is said that the bride stands on the left side of the groom, so that the groom can use his right hand to draw a sword and confront the enemy when necessary, which can better protect the bride.

  1. When the two stood together, they stood a little inward, forming an “eight” shape

The advantage of such a station is that it is not too crooked and sweet.

  1. Do not forget at all times: look up, straight back, abdomen, chest up

Make the head, hips and heels in a straight line, so that standing will be particularly energetic and perfectly show the outline of the dress. In short, it can not give people a lazy and inspiring feeling.

 Elegant turn around

  1. Turn around slowly and move neatly

The bride should reflect the noble temperament in the wedding and should avoid any big moves. When you need to turn around, the body should turn at the same time as the footsteps, the amplitude should be gentle, and the movement should be neat. If the wedding dress or dress has a large skirt, you can use the hand opposite to the direction of rotation to gently grasp the skirt and the skirt support when turning.

Generous kiss

  1. In the kissing process, the newcomers should be generous and do n’t be squeamish

New couple kisses are performed after the announcement that the two formally become couples. The kiss can be naturally and generously devoted to express happiness, but avoid excessive forgetfulness. If not, you can learn about Wu Qilong’s approach.

  Keep smiling

  1. At the wedding, remember to always smile

Keeping a smile will not only make you look prettier, but also share happiness and joy with relatives and friends. It should be noted that the bride should avoid laughing, which will deepen the lines of the lip foundation and destroy the overall makeup.

 Bow well

  1. Pay tribute to the guests, bow for 15-20 degrees and pause for 2 seconds

In traditional Chinese weddings, a deep bow is required, that is, a 90-degree bow to express the highest degree of gratitude. However, the bowing etiquette commonly used nowadays does not need to fully adopt the depth bowing etiquette. Bowing is also a time to test the newcomer’s tacit understanding.

 Exchange ring

  1. When newcomers exchange rings, bridesmaids should avoid appearing in the camera

After the groom removes the ring from the ring pillow, the bridesmaid should take the bride’s bouquet and quickly aside. After the groom wears it for the bride, the bridesmaid walks over to let the bride take the ring from the ring pillow. When the bridesmaid puts the ring on the stage, she will go behind the couple and send the ring to the audience.

  1. The wedding ring should be worn on the left ring finger

The action of wearing the ring must be slow. The back of the hand is facing the audience at 45 degrees. First, it is to allow the guests present to have the opportunity to appreciate the whole process of witnessing. Second, it is also convenient for photography and video framing. This will look very elegant.

  1. If the bride wears gloves, she should first try on the wedding ring during the rehearsal

The purpose is to see if the wedding ring can be put in, if not, the gloves should be taken off before the ceremony.

  1. The bride’s veil was lifted by the groom after wearing the ring

The veil at the ceremony is suitable for long, noble and mysterious, and it is usually kissed after being lifted. Presumably, this wave of veil of Chen Xiao, many girls have not yet recovered.

  Card Wedding Ceremony

  1. Speeches such as marriage certificates can be rolled up in advance and tied with a red ribbon

The benefits of rolling up in this way are beautiful and festive, and secondly, it adds a full sense of ceremony. Witnesses and parents opened slowly when making speeches, did they appear to be particularly solemn.

  1. When the witness is speaking, the newcomer should listen carefully

Do n’t let two people get tired of talking and whispering on the side. Witnesses are generally more prestigious elders, and his speech is also a great affirmation of your marriage.

 Toss flowers

  1. When throwing the ball, the arms naturally bend, do not stretch out too straight

With a smile on your face, the bride can throw the ball toward the back of the height with a little force, and do n’t move too much. This not only looks elegant, but the arc of the bouquet will also be more beautiful.

 Toast details

  1. Newcomers should walk to the middle of the stage while standing on the stage toasting

First, you are the protagonist of the wedding day. The protagonist should of course stand in the center of the stage;

  1. When new couples drink a glass of wine, they use their right hand to take the glass

If a person takes a wine glass with his left hand and a wine glass with his right hand, it is impossible to perform such a ceremony. When holding the wine glass, you should unify them and use your right hand to hold the glass. Of course, you can use your left hand.

  1. Wedding banquet exceeds 40 tables, the best time to toast and dress up is controlled within 10 minutes

At this time, it is really fighting for time and time! I was afraid that the guests would leave the room after eating.

 Parental Wear

  1. Carefully prepare clothes for parents

The wedding is a big deal for a newcomer, so is it true for parents? To express gratitude to my parents, I can actually prepare a mother of the bride dress and a suit for my father.


  1. It is recommended not to use concierge flowers when entering the venue

The colored paper of the concierge flower is easy to stick to the newcomer’s hair. The newcomer’s hair is often moussed again, but once it is stuck, it is not easy to shake off. The colorful flowers on the hair will affect the overall beauty.

 The most important thing

  1. The most important point, no matter how tight the time, we must rehearse

You must also choose a good master of ceremonies. I do n’t think I need to emphasize the importance of master of ceremonies.

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