5 common myths and truths regarding mouthpieces you should know

Snoring is a common problem among adults. The use of mouthpieces can reduce the intensity of snoring but cannot permanently cure the problem. Doctors suggest using these scientific breathing supports to reduce pressure on the nasal passages leading to effortless inhalation and exhalation of air.

Despite the facts, people believe in certain myths that make them feel reluctant to use a snore solution. Let us find out the truths to bust these myths.

Myths related to anti-snoring mouthpieces:
  1. Continuous use of mouthpieces causes teeth staining

The prime motive of using an anti-snoring mouthpiece trumps the aesthetics linked to it. Despite common belief, using such mouthpieces will not cause any discoloration to your teeth. In fact, there will be no change in the morphology of your teeth and jaws.

People who do not snore sleep with their mouths closed. It will be the same in this case as well. There are no such chemicals present in the mouthpieces that can hamper your teeth color. Every mouthpiece is designed and developed using harmless non-toxic material.

  1. Mouthpieces damage and shift/move teeth

The shape and position of teeth in adults are constant in general. Using anti-snoring solutions such as mandibular advancement devices (MAD), CPAP, mouthpieces, etc will not cause any distortion of your jaws and teeth. You can use them at ease without any worries and enjoy unobstructed breathing at night.

In some cases, patients may bite or put pressure on the mouthpieces that can cause a little change in the teeth alignment. As per orthodontists, once you stop using a mouthpiece, the teeth will return to normal quickly.

  1. Using sleeping pills will help

Using sleeping pills will help you to fall asleep temporarily. It’s not a permanent solution. It will just mask the cause. For this, you will need mechanical support using a mouthpiece. This will be the ideal solution for availing a long-term benefit.

  1. Using mouthpieces makes your facial muscles stiff

Using external mechanical support for your jaws (mouthpiece) as a snore stopper will cause discomfort for a few days. You are not accustomed to using such things. In the preliminary days, you might feel uneasiness in the facial muscles as it is not able to rest in the normal position. It takes time to get accustomed. Once you are habituated, you will not feel a thing. Your facial muscles will not become stiff.

  1. Distorting jaw alignment

Using a mouthpiece will not always cause any distortion in your jaws. You will have to wear an anti-snoring mouthpiece for 8 hours. It might happen to some people due to long-term use. Once you stop using it, the minute changes will return to normal without any hassle.


It is obvious that using a mouthpiece as an anti-snoring solution will cause discomfort for the first few days. Experts suggest using an anti-snoring spray to get rid of such problems. The myths mentioned above should not become a hurdle. You need goodnight sleep to rejuvenate and feel fresh the next day. If you face any discomfort, you can consult a doctor.

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