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5 Online Options to Upgrade Your HR Career

If there are 30 candidates with the same HR experience as yours in an interview, five of which are from the same school you graduated – how would you differentiate yourself?

You could say you have a better perspective of personnel management; you are skilled at software; you are better organized; you take your HR career very seriously; and so on. Great assertions; but they would still fail to conclusively give you an edge over other candidates.

If you dream of becoming the director or vice-president HR, upgrading yourself is a must to reach the top.

How can HR professionals or aspirants upgrade their candidature and prove their worth?

Online certifications and programs are helping professionals take charge of their careers, and employers are liking such pros. Companies are encouraging self-motivating employees and are counting on them to innovate their processes. It is also true for Human Resources.

How do you decide – what online tool should you choose – to up your HR level?

Here are 5 online options you can opt for to boost your HR candidature.

5 Ways to Upgrade your HR Candidature – Quick, Easy and Effective!

  1. Online HR Courses

Many online learning portals like Udemy, Alison, Lynda, among others, are offering free and low-cost online HR courses. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on these websites are available in all formats – from generic human resource management courses to covering specific topics such as:

  • Payroll Management
  • Competency Mapping
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Compensation
  • Sales Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Learning and development

Online HR courses can be taken at your own pace along with your professional commitments. They are the best option to:

  • Fill in the knowledge gap;
  • Interact with international educators in the HR field;
  • Share doubts with a global community of HR professionals and students.

Example: Coursera provides five-course specialization with the University of Minnesota in Human Resource Management.

Online HR courses would give you a strong voice and an in-depth latest knowledge of an expert on people-related decisions and strategies. ~Lin Zhang, Director-HR, Coursera

  1. HR Certifications Online

Another most popular option is to take an HR certification exam and get certified. HR certification provides third-party validation of one’s credentials. Under this route, candidates appear for the exams and upon successful completion they become certified.

This route is highly valued by employers and gives industry-focused evidence to HR credentials. The benefits of pursuing HR certifications online are:

  • They can be taken at the pace of your comfort;
  • They are valued by the employers much more than other online options;
  • They signal the streak for continuous education in a professional;
  • They provide conclusive evidence of your skillsets and knowledge.

Example: To get the badge of professional HR certification, you can explore from globally recognized bodies – HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute); TMI (Talent Management Institute); and SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management).

  1. Online HR Recertification

It flows from the second online option discussed above. Every certification requires recertification after a certain period of time, and this is one of the reasons Professional HR certifications are trusted by the employers. Recertification is beneficial because:

  • It keeps one up to date with the latest industry trends;
  • It keeps one’s HR credentials (education and learning background) evergreen and impactful;
  • It builds trust in bosses on their employees’ viewpoints.
  1. Online HR Certificate Programs (from Universities)

Among HR courses online, professionals can also take online certificate programs offered from universities –via online learning portals. They are similar to online courses as offered by MOOC platforms, only that these are usually offered directly from universities.

For instance, Cornell University offers online certificates programs for HR professionals.

It should be noted that certificate programs, though best to augment one’s knowledge and fill learning gaps, they are not at par with the value offered by Professional HR certifications. Getting certified adds professional value, while certificate programs add learning value to one’s HR credentials.

  1. Online Advanced Degrees

Aside from short-term courses, advanced degrees in the field of human resources are also offered in online mode. Many professionals are completing advanced degrees such as MBA, through online mediums. The value added by online degrees in professional upliftment is not known but possessing master-level credentials would look good on the resume. They can act as a strong source of knowledge augmentation.

The bottom line here is, regardless of what you choose, keeping yourself in a continuing education mode is need of the hour. Online certifications and courses can be gamechanger for you!


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