5 Print Essentials to Boost Your Travel Marketing

If you want to achieve success in the highly competitive travel and tourism industry, you need to have an effective marketing plan. Although most travel agents have now turned towards focusing on their business promotion online, many do miss out on the opportunity of gathering more clients through effective business stationery. Printed business marketing strategies certainly facilitate business growth and are more often a one-way ticket to success.

Online printing is a great means to give your business a boost in its sales via the use of banners, business cards, postcards, leaflets and brochures, and posters. High quality printing services provide a large variety of printing options for you to choose from. Design them in a way which reflects your brand’s personality and also has a long-lasting impact on your audience’s minds.

What is travel marketing?

Travel marketing refers to the combination of digital marketing and traditional marketing tactics which garner brand awareness and trust for businesses within the travel and tourism industry. For example businesses like travel agencies, travel services, such as tour guides, and relevant travel products. As mentioned in the introduction, the travel and tourism industry is deeming with established competitors. Therefore, only the best travel marketing tactics will survive.

Here are a few effective and essential travel marketing ideas which will help you boost your business sales quicker than your competitors.

  • Banners – In order to garner the most attention possible for your travel business, you should definitely consider banner printing. By strategically positioning them in highly congested areas where your target audiences are likely to be, your brand’s core values will be reinforced through the constant exposure to the public. A business owner can easily hire a Custom banner printing service and create a collection of several promotional banner signs and effectively alternate different ads throughout the fiscal year to keep the travelers and tourists attracted to the brand over time.


  • Business cards – Effective business cards play a very crucial role, especially in businesses within the travel and tourism industry. Business cards are extremely versatile and very cost-effective. With so many luxury options available, they can really elevate your brand’s reputation and increase the chances of interest from travelers and tourists.


  • Postcards – Postcards are a very useful marketing tool for travel agents. By sending a location-themed postcard to potential clients with a light-hearted message, one can easily build the clients’ excitement and interest for the location itself, thus persuading them to take action and getting in touch.


  • Leaflets and brochures – High-quality leaflets and brochures are powerful ways to provide a concise and engaging overview of the services that your travel business offers. By engaging your audience in a design which centers on your brand, you can make your travel leaflets and brochures resonate with your audience and spark their interest in your brand.


  • Posters – Promotional posters create and increase brand awareness in a versatile manner. Indoor posters can be placed within retail premises, such as supermarkets and grocery stores highlighting your travel products and services. On the other hand, outdoor posters can be displayed during winter months, offering relief from the rain and some fun in the sun.

All these print marketing means will help you a lot in increasing your business sales. There are many online printing services which offer different varieties of banners, posters, postcards, booklets, and catalogs based on design and quality for you to choose from. And all this comes at attractively affordable prices.

Using print marketing techniques like banner printing and poster printing will help you garner a larger customer reach leading to higher business revenue, which would not have been possible by other means.

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