5 Things Men Should Immediately Stop Wearing in The Gym

Men usually don’t bother much about what to wear, and they have the same low level of concern for gym workout clothes. When it comes to gym, workout clothes are not just about fashion and style.They also involve other important aspects like comfort which leads to achieve fitness goals effectively. So, men should give some attention towards their workout gear which also offer good hygiene and makes your workout even more effective and enjoyable. However, there are number of things men are wearing at the gym that they should immediately stop wearing. Here is a list of those 5 things that should be avoided on immediate basis to be worn in the gym.

Stop Wearing Cotton Clothes

Cotton clothes offer great comfort at a low price, but their comfort goes away within 15 minutes of your workout as you start to sweat. Yes, that’s true! Due to the nature of cotton, it tends to absorb moisture and the sweat that comes out of your body during a workout, it stays with your body which makes you uncomfortable. Moreover, due to the same reason your cotton clothes stink as well that ruin your image in the gym while making others uncomfortable. Remember, the last time you did bench press and your sweat was all over there once you left. How would the next person feel to be there on the bench?Think about yourself and others in the gym and practice good hygiene. Well, the solution of this problem is to use moisture-wicking workout clothes. Such workout clothes do not absorb moisture and moisture is evaporated while keeping your body dry.

Stop Wearing Loose Clothes

Wearing loose clothes while working out are not beneficial at all. They rather make you uncomfortable restricting your movements during the workout. Moreover, such clothes hide your gains and make you look smaller which discourages you. Such workout clothes that are well-fitted will give you a strong athletic feel, as your gains will be visible even though you are not taking your shirt off.Choose such a workout gear that has used nylon-elastane mix material that offer good fitting with a freedom of movement. However, you need to make sure that your clothes are not too tight to restrict your movement. They need to be just fit without being too loose or too tight. If you want to know more about how to pick the best workout clothes, click here.

Stop Wearing Too Much Fragrance

Are you too that annoying man who just make others breathless when you cross by someone in a gym? Well, I’m not discussing about the gains that make others breathless, it is the amount of cologne that you wear at the gym. Common on, do you really think that 5 to 10 sprays are going to be liked by everyone in the gym? Literally, some people hate it as it sometimes causes headache as well. Moreover, you’re never going to impress a woman as they have more sensitive senses so they find it way too hard to accept. Furthermore, you are going to take a shower after your workout and your good cologne is going to be wasted. So, just have a little amount of cologne in the gym that gives away pleasant vibes.

Stop Wearing Jewelry in The Gym

Being very straight forward, there is no need of jewelry in the gym at all. It is unnecessary as well as unsafe for you. Whatever piece of jewelry you are wearing in a gym is going to be damaged soon by banging metal on metal. So, if you are not habitual of taking off your precious piece of jewelry, soon you will have to do this forever because snagging it on different machines and weights is a quick damage to it. For instance, if you never take off your wedding ring then lifting heavy weights can distort its shape. Especially during heavy weight lifting, it can scratch your skin and can make your fingers uncomfortable. This can also lead to have an allergic reaction by having a reaction of perspiration with the metal. If you are so habitual of wearing jewelry piece then you can come to gym and put this in the locker before the workout and wear it again while you’re leaving the gym.

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